Goals for 2014

It’s more than a week into the new year so it’s time I thought about what I want to achieve this year. I don’t particularly like to make New Year’s resolutions since they never seem to last more than the month of January. Instead I like to make some goals to hit during the entire year. It’s a lot less intimidating if I have an entire year to achieve it! They’re basically the same thing but putting it in a different way really helps me.

So here it is!

Start investments
This was actually one of my goals last year that I just didn’t get around to. I really want to start an account with Betterment and get this going! After we absorb some of the shock from all the house expenses I think we’re going to be able to do this the end of this month!

Max out my retirement accounts
I wasn’t able to max out my Roth IRA and SEP-IRA by the end of last year but I still have until April 15 of this year to contribute to last year’s accounts. I won’t be eligible for my 401k for a few more months but I’m going to see if its feasible to try to hit the max on that too! Maxing out the IRA’s is doable for sure, but perhaps not the 401k. I wouldn’t be able to start until April and that would mean only 8 months to max it out. I can certainly try though!

Get my net worth up by 50%
If we continue to be frugal and the stock market does well then this is a possibility. We haven’t quite figured out what our new utility bills and commute costs will be. They are definitely going to be higher than before since a house costs more to run. My commute time has also tripled so that’s a lot more gas and wear and tear on the car. Luckily my husband’s commute is exactly the same length as before.

Continue being a Yelp elite
I just got my shiny badge for this year and I’m officially a 2014 Yelp elite! It’s a shiny gold one because it’s my fifth year of being elite actually. Pretty fun and I really enjoy writing reviews. Also I like going to the awesome free Yelp events too!

Buy more recycled and earth-friendly products
I’ve got the recycling down and now I need to think more about the things I buy. Making smarter decisions about the items I buy can also help the earth. If I buy something made of recycled plastic then it’s something that is much better than using virgin materials. I can also be more conscious of where I buy clothing from and what kind of fabric it’s made from.

Keep my yard chemical free

As I dive into being a home gardener there are a ton of chemicals I can use to keep my yard bug and weed free. I’m going to really do my best to not use any chemicals. The bottles always say that they are safe to use and won’t be harmful, but if they kill bugs and weeds then they are not good for you either. I can use boiling hot water and old fashioned weeding to keep my yard nice. I’m also planning on buying a lawn mower that doesn’t need gas. Our lawn isn’t huge and it has some very slow growing grass.

I think that’s enough goals for this year! I know some of these I can definitely hit but some of them might take a lot of work. Have to set my goals high though and try to achieve them or else it just makes things way too easy! It’ll be exciting to do a year end recap to see how I did on all these and if I was able to cross them all off.

What goals have you set for yourself this year?

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