Taking Advantage of Holiday Clearance Sales

Photo Credit: dno1967b via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: dno1967b via Compfight cc

It’s the new year and that also means that all the Christmas stuff is now on clearance! It’s a great time to stock up on holiday goods and candy for half off or more. If you wait even longer the pickings will be slimmer but there’s a chance you’ll save even more. I honestly think shopping after Christmas is more fun because the bargains you can find are better. I stock up on my chocolates and make sure I have enough Ghirardelli peppermint bark for the first few months of the year. Funny how the days after Christmas can be just as hectic as before!

I know that the days leading up to Christmas can be plenty crazy so why would I even want to go shopping afterwards? The people who tend to do last minute gift shopping though aren’t generally bargain hunters. They don’t plan out and organize their gift list ahead of time to avoid the holiday rush. That’s why they are shopping last minute! The bargain hunters who flood the store after are the ones who plan ahead. They most likely are the ones who finished their shopping early on and now are taking advantage of the sales for the next holiday season! If you have the extra money to spare and the space to store everything it’s certainly something worth looking into.

50% off or more sales
Not all stores do half off but a lot of them do from the very start. I already nabbed a few bags of peppermint bark and I’m waiting to see if it goes to 75% to grab more. It only comes out once a year so I need to stock up when I can! Just because the packaging is all holiday doesn’t mean that it doesn’t taste good. I’ll gladly take those red and green M&M’s! It’s always good to look for items that don’t look too holiday also.

Buying after Christmas gifts
The best part about holiday clearance sales is that you can snag some gifts at a low price. For people who you haven’t seen yet or who don’t mind you can get a little more with the low prices. The Body Shop for example has a ton of gift sets that only are 30% off or so before Christmas. Afterwards they automatically go on clearance for 50%. If money is tight and you still want to buy gifts for people then it’s really a great way to save a little bit.

A gift for me
I always feel guilty buying anything for myself in November and December because I feel like I should be shopping for other people. I try not to spend too much but it all still adds up. After the holidays pass though all my money isn’t going towards gifts so I can buy a little something for myself and not feel horribly guilty. Don’t mind if I buy some peppermint lotion for myself at half off!


What kind of holiday clearance deals are you snagging?

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