2013 Year End Recap

 Photo Credit: SpreadTheMagic via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: SpreadTheMagic via Compfight cc

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!! I’ve been running errands and painting since I woke up this morning and now I’m writing this before I go off for a small party to celebrate the new year! Looking forward to some fun and relaxation….and of course no paint involved! Slow progression towards getting everything painted the way we want it to look, but we’ll get there. Since it’s the last day of 2013 I thought it would be a good time to look back on the year to see what happened.

2013 was a crazy year for me with lots of big things happening in my life. Looking back I can’t believe I did so much and was able to survive it all! Let’s just hope that 2014 is one where I can just relax and enjoy life. Most likely it won’t be but I can’t imagine it being crazier than this year.

So what were the good things that happened this year?

Got married and combined our finances
We tried to do as much as possible for our own wedding in terms of planning and making decorations and invitations. Since we live in LA and we had a decent number of guests it still ended up being more expensive than I would’ve liked though. The wedding definitely put a dint into our plans to save up for a house but we rebounded pretty well and had the 20% down payment by fall of this year. Before we married we both were working towards some of the same financial goals. Now we’ve combined our finances completely and its much easier to save and budget. Our net worth also is combined now!

Started The Pursuit of Green
For most of this year I was self-employed actually and I wanted to try something new and different. You have a lot more free time when self-employed when things are slow and I started the Pursuit of Green during one of the slow months! It’s been steadily growing and I still love blogging! Hopefully 2014 will be even better for this blog. I’ve been able to connect with a lot of other bloggers and its so much fun seeing the stats go up each month. One day this blog might even become a source of income. For now I’m just enjoying it.

Bought a Prius V
Conventional finance wisdom says that you should never buy a new car because the value depreciates so much in the first few years. My husband had actually been leasing his last three cars and had been paying into a hole for all that time. We wanted a Prius for sure because of the money we could save on the gas and to be earth-friendly. Stick it to the oil companies! It turns out we couldn’t buy a normal sized Prius because my husband is too tall! With plans to start a family in a few years we decided to go larger with the Prius V. Since that model just came out recently we had to buy new. The good thing is that we got it for 0% APR for 60 months and under invoice price! We’re saving tons of gas and I’m sure the air is much cleaner.

Started a new full-time job
Being self-employed is fun but I had an opportunity with a good company that I couldn’t pass up. It’s been only a little more than two months but I love my new job! Some people have a strong preference for being self-employed or full-time, but I don’t mind either one. Both have different opportunities and will work for different times in my life. For now I like where I am and the steadiness of a traditional 9-6 job.

Bought a house
To cap it off this year we bought a house! The timing of everything was extremely crazy as I started my new job and then the second day we had our house offer accepted. I’ll have to say that wedding planning was still more stressful than all the house stuff. My husband has handled a lot more of the house though since I couldn’t just skip off the first month on the job. It was truly a learning experience for sure and we both don’t want to move for a very long time. We’re intending to pay extra on the mortgage to cut down on the overall amount we eventually would pay.


What were some things I wanted to do this year but didn’t get around to?

Max out my SEP-IRA and Roth IRA
I have until April to max those two retirement accounts out but I had hoped to hit it earlier. I’m pretty close though so by April they both should be maxed out! I don’t start my 401k at work for a few more months but if I can max that out that would be cool too. Definitely will have to contribute at the least 3% because of employer matching but I’m planning to contribute more.

Start investing
With so much going on this year dealing with money we prioritized the house down payment and wedding. Kept saving money but we decided to hold off on investing. Fully intend to start in the new year with Betterment!Real estate itself is an investment though so if I want to think of it like that I already did start investing technically. Well…okay…when I talk about investments its about stocks and bonds. So I’ve invested in real estate now but not stocks yet!


It’s amazing to see this long list of everything that has went on in 2013! How was your 2013? What did you accomplish?

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