House Moving is Deeeee-lightful!

Photo Credit: Jill via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Jill via Compfight cc

I’m sure some of you have noticed that lately I haven’t been able to post as much as I like! My schedule is totally thrown off, but I have a good reason why. We moved into our house today! With the holidays just past thrown right before our move date it’s been a crazy week and the house is a huge mess of course. We’ve only managed to get the master bedroom painted and we’re working on getting blinds up in the windows. Unpacked a little bit but of course there is a ton more to do still! Most likely I’ll be a bit more MIA as we unpack and fix up our house a little more.

We had a wonderful Christmas as we stuffed ourselves full of delicious food. We actually visited quite a few party starting Christmas Eve and then going until Christmas night. It’s exactly how we like to spend our holidays though! We love coming together with the people we love and eating some yummy food. We’ve been driving all over Los Angeles and hardly been able to find time to pack. We were able to move a good amount already to the house, but there’s still a lot to move. We woke up early this morning to pack as much as possible before the movers arrived.

This time around we decided to shell out the money to hire some movers! I know it’s totally contrary to saving money since the best way to do that is to just do everything ourselves. Sometimes I think its worth it though since time is money too! Our move to our small apartment three years ago took a long time. We asked family and friends to help out and rented a truck. This time though it would’ve been a much harder move. Plus you can only ask your family and friends so many times.

There are a few things we’ve been doing or have learned along the way that have saved us some money. We’re also intending to recycle or give away all our boxes after we’re done with them.

Hire good movers
Do your research and hire the best movers. We hired a company that can do smaller moves and they really did a great job. They were certainly hustling, didn’t take any breaks, and so far we haven’t found anything broken. I’ll wait until I’m fully unpacked before giving them a five star Yelp review though. The whole move took 3.5 hours which is amazing! They were almost running when they could but they moved slowly in tough areas. That 3.5 hours also included a 30 minute drive time. Moving at the apartment complex was no small feat either. Small elevator and a maze to get to the moving truck.

Shell out for extra packaging
We did opt in for some plastic wrap to go around our mattress and couches. They wrapped up our tv’s in cardboard and plastic too. It ended up being only about $25 more but our furniture got here in perfect shape. If we’re going to hire movers, then better get the extra safe packaging.

Reuse and recycle
My father-in-law supplied us with a ton of boxes for moving! Thank goodness for him otherwise we’d probably have to spend a bit of money renting plastic moving containers or buying boxes. We’re definitely putting them aside after we unpack and then seeing if my father-in-law needs them back. Otherwise we’ll see if anyone else is moving soon. Save those cardboard boxes! At the least if they get really banged up make sure to recycle them.


We didn’t walk away unscathed with our wallets still full and happy, but we’re mostly moved into our house now! Yeah!

What are your special techniques to save money and time when moving?


2 thoughts on “House Moving is Deeeee-lightful!

  1. Huh, very few people can describe moving houses in such colorful terms…lol. For most its a hassle, I have moved once in 2013 and it wasn’t pleasant at all, from the cost to the sheer hassle of settling in. Looking at your tips though, I might employ the services of movers the next time – might as well take the hassle of it!
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    1. Oh it’s been one big hassle…but it’s so exciting to finally move into my own house! It’ll take awhile to unpack and settle in, but oh well!

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