Keeping it Classy During the Holidays

 Photo Credit: ecstaticist via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: ecstaticist via Compfight cc

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hopefully all of you have all your holiday shopping done and don’t have to go out and brave the stores. Oof…if you do, I feel very sorry for you.

It’s a pretty busy time of year and people are out in droves. Everywhere you go its been pretty crowded. People are trying to find the best deals for their money and they’re trying to get it all done as quickly as possible!

Let’s just say consideration and manners can nosedive during this time of year. Going to Costco the other day was not the smartest thing I’ve done. It took forever to get out of the parking lot! No one was letting anyone turn and they weren’t going anywhere very fast anyway. Saving money and getting things done for your perfect holiday sometimes turns people into monsters who forget that the holidays is about goodwill. They forget to enjoy their holidays. Which of course doesn’t make it a very good experience for everyone around them!

If you’re that last minute shopper or if you’re planning to do the after Christmas sales, here’s some tips to keep your sanity and keep the holiday cheer going!

Buy a later gift
There are some pretty good deals after Christmas that you can take advantage of! If you’re stressing out before the holidays trying to get everyone’s gifts, why not take a step back and just buy some gifts later on? Do this with your more understanding friends. You’ll save some money on some after Christmas sales and you won’t have to stress out so much! Your friends will get the joy of getting gifts after Christmas too! I’ve done this before actually and saved a ton of money on some gift sets. The stores usually start marking all that stuff at least 50% off after Christmas. Perhaps you’ll save so much money you’ll have a little bit to spend on yourself and still keep more money in your pocket.

Let someone in line in front of you
This won’t save you time or money, but if this person pays it forward then it might come back around to you in karma points. Plus it makes me feel good to know I’ve helped out someone in a simple easy way. If I see someone who only has one item standing in line I’ll let them go ahead. I can only hope that when i’m standing in line with item waiting for the person in front of me with two carts of items that someone else will let me go ahead.

Be nice to the cashier
The stores are all jam packed and everyone in retail is being overworked. They’re grumpy so even if they are grumpy to you try to be nice to them and smile. Who knows but they might give you a little discount just because you were the only nice shopper of the day! At the least you’ll help brighten their day a bit. The discount thing is more of a rarity but I have gotten it before because I was nice to the cashier. I was able to get a first class upgrade once because I was nice to the cashier at the airport counter. An airline isn’t considered retail but they sure have the same hardships during the holidays.

Save that money but don’t forget to enjoy the holidays! It seems like people just rush around and get grumpy in the week before the holiday and only end up enjoying that one day.

What things do you do to keep your holiday cheer going?

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