Picking up Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes

Photo Credit: jDevaun via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: jDevaun via Compfight cc

If I see something shiny on the ground I’m certainly going to take a look to see if its a nice shiny coin. Pick it up and take it home and I’m a little bit richer! It might be a little grimy, it might only be a penny, but it’s money nevertheless! I don’t walk around with my eyes on the ground scanning to see if there is any free money lying round, but when I see it I’ll pick it up! That’s free money that all I have to do is bend over to get so it’s pretty easy to get. Some people might not do it unless it’s a larger amount, but every little bit adds up in my book.

I wonder what most people do when they see a penny on the ground? Would they pick it up or just keep walking? What if it was heads up instead of tails? Superstition says that heads up is good luck and tails up is bad luck. I pick it up either way because I’m not going to place my luck on a penny. It’s much less likely to find bills lying round so I’ll take the coins if I see them. Eventually they add up to a dollar anyway.

Worth my time and effort?
Obviously there are certain times when I’m not going to pick up coins I see. If it’s in a busy throughway then the risk of getting run over is not worth it! If I’m tired or in a hurry I won’t stop either of course. 99.9% of the time I will do it though. I like to think of it as a tiny bit of exercise and stretching.

Adds up eventually
I have a bear shaped bank at home that I got from a good friend a few years back. I just dump all my coins in there and then when it gets heavy I roll it all up. Most of the coins is change from paying with cash but some are coins I’ve picked up along the way. It takes a while to get enough coins to where its worth the effort to roll them up. Might as well pick up coins on the ground to help that along!

Easy money
This is most likely the easiest way to get money ever! You can think of gifts as an easy way to get money but of course you have to have made the time and effort for that relationship. So seeing a coin on the ground and grabbing it is the easiest money ever!


Every little bit counts when it comes to money! There’s always going to be something to save up for or something to buy. Plus it’s always a bit fun and exciting to be able to find a coin on the ground. If I notice coins…then I’m definitely going to notice if there’s anything bigger lying on the ground. Let’s say it broadens my awareness and might make it more likely that I would be the one to find something a bit bigger. I haven’t found any $20 bills but maybe one day I will!

What do you do when you see something shiny lying on the ground?

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