Sweater Weather

Photo Credit: Funky Tee via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Funky Tee via Compfight cc

December swooped and along with it came the cold weather! Temperatures have definitely dropped and I’m even feeling it here. I know…I’m so spoiled with the nice weather that we usually have year round. It’s definitely colder than normal for this time of year though! I’m glad I’m not in a snowy area because the temperature had definitely dipped towards zero. It’s absolutely perfect for ugly sweater parties! It feels like winter and for me when its cold it feels a lot more like the holidays.

Since I live in a big apartment complex I haven’t actually turned on the heat. There’s only one exterior wall so the inside temperature really doesn’t drop very much. I wonder if my neighbors have turned on the heat though? I’m on the middle floor so I’m probably reaping some of the heat from my downstairs neighbor. It’s colder than normal inside but I’m just bundling up and piling up the blankets instead. A stand along house would be much colder though and the heat would have to be on.

If your place isn’t very weather tight there are a few things that you can do to fix it and not use too much money doing so. Cranking up the thermostat would be the easiest of course but with a little more effort you can save some money and be warm.

Weather proofing
Obviously keeping the heat inside your place will help keep your bills lower. I want to heat the inside not the outside air. Buying or making a draft guard for your doors is a pretty easy thing to do. There’s always a lovely gap at the bottom of doors that will let the heat right out. Older houses also tend to have areas where you can feel a draft coming through. There are a few spots in my new house that I know will need to be fixed! The front door could use some more foam stripping on the sides and there’s a mail slot right in the center of it. We’ve already installed a mailbox outside but we need to figure out how to block up that mail slot.

Portable electric heater
I used to live in an extremely drafty apartment that was either too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. It had three exterior walls and some pretty old windows. I loved that one wall had windows that went from floor to ceiling and almost wall to wall but it of course made for some cold winter nights. Turning up the thermostat caused my utility bill to go a very noticeable amount. Instead of turning on the heat I used a portable electric heater. It didn’t heat up my entire apartment but covered a small area. It wasn’t the best but it saved a ton of money. For smaller spaces it works pretty well!

Layer it up
Out come the thick sweaters and my big comfy sweatshirts when it’s cold out. Plus the big comfy blanket that we use at night! The best part about winter that I love is going to bed with a huge fluffy blanket. There’s nothing like slipping into bed and being all warm and cozy. Of course then it’s really hard to get up in the mornings.


It’s not going to be snowing around here but the cold weather is a nice change. Really makes me appreciate nice weather much better!

What do you do to stay warm when it gets cold?


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