Jumping on the DIY bandwagon

Photo Credit: stetted via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: stetted via Compfight cc

Our new house has been taken over by contractors and it’s a real big mess right now. Another few weeks before our house renovations are fully finished and we’re really crossing our fingers that everything will come out looking amazing. It’s hard to tell how the end result will be when you’re inexperienced and everything looks crazy! Well that’s definitely us, inexperienced that is, but we’ll learn as we go along. We peeked into the house this weekend and it’s really hard to imagine how it will look once completed. All the work that’s being done is only halfway finished.

Some people have been asking us if we’re doing the work ourselves but most logically jump to hiring contractors to do the work. A lot of the work being done now is more technical and requires more tools and expertise that we just don’t have. We also of course don’t have time to work on our house every single day as we both have full-time jobs. There are some things that are better off hiring someone else to do. It costs more to hire someone to do the work, but it would end up being worse if we attempted to do too much diy stuff ourselves. I’m certainly excited to start doing some things, but its always good to start small and then go from there. I might not have a knack for diy house renovations like my father does. Talent doesn’t always pass down to the next generation.

There are a few things we’re going to tackle ourselves for sure!

When we first moved in together a few years ago we decided to paint out apartment so that it would really feel like home. It came out decently well and now we have a little bit of painting under our belt. With our house we’ll have a little more know how and expertise to hopefully do the job right! This is one thing we’re willing to do on our own as it’s much more cost effective. We already have most of the tools and some know how and then we need to buy paint. Of course it’ll take a longer time painting it ourselves, but it’s one diy thing that will save money and is something we can do.

Not sure if gardening counts as diy but I’m going to count it! I can easily hire a gardener to take care of the yard but I’m going to try and see how much we can do ourselves! The garden has been neglected for a while and there are plants to prune, dead plants to cut down and toss, and a lot of weeding to take care of. I’ve dabbled here and there with a few potted plants but never to this scale. This weekend I tried weeding a bit and well…it’s going to take some time since the weeds have had the time to grow very nice deep roots. So if anyone has any tips for a beginner gardener please tell me!

Small fixtures
Things like light switch covers, door knobs, towel racks, toilet paper holders, and the shower head are all things that I’m sure we can easily figure out how to replace. These are all things that we don’t need to replace right away but when we have time and a lazy weekend. The details do help make a room look better.


I’m not going to run to the hardware store and buy up a bunch of tools right away. We have a tool set that we use for basic things but of course none of the big power tools stuff. One thing I would love to try doing ourselves is crown molding! My brother-in-law installed it in his house and it looks wonderful! Hopefully that’s something that I can figure out how to do. Plus I can always call him up and ask him for tips. Unfortunately he lives in another state though so I can’t have him come over to show me. I guess I will have to dig up my memories of using these tools in shop class years and years ago!

What kind of diy have you done before? If you haven’t before is there anything you want to do?

2 thoughts on “Jumping on the DIY bandwagon

  1. I’m a super huge fan of outsourcing. Even though it costs me more money, I’m usually happier with the results of hiring a professional. The only thing I can think of DIY would be building my personal computer.

    1. So far I’m happy with the results of what they were asked to do, but then they leave behind a ton of trash and dirty up other things! That’s the part I dislike about hiring other people to fix up my home, they don’t care as much about it. Don’t understand why they can’t even toss away their coffee cups.

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