10,000 Steps a Day

Photo Credit: Kalexanderson via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Kalexanderson via Compfight cc

The average number of steps a person needs to walk every single day is 10,000! I wonder how many of us actually achieve that? I know that I certainly don’t. If I walked 10,000 steps in one day does that mean that I don’t have to exercise? As much as I would like that answer to be yes, I’m sure that I would still have to exercise of course. Walking won’t count as cardio but its still healthy for you.

You can always try replacing a short car drive with a walk instead. Save some money and get some exercise in! Perfect! We all know that we’re supposed to exercise but a lot of us rarely do so. Including myself! I have weeks where I start up and then when life gets too busy I stop. Being healthy means less medical bills and saving money. I’m not very good at my exercise regimen, but I can try for extra steps at least!

A few years I decided to try to see if I could reach 10,000 steps a day. Well…most days I definitely didn’t even with exercising included. It made me much more aware of how little I was walking and made me get up out of my seat a lot more to move around. I borrowed a pedometer from a friend to record my steps. Hilariously enough it turned out to be a tamagotchi pedometer! It wasn’t literally the Tamagotchi brand but same concept. With this you had to walk a lot so that our creature would survive and evolve. If you didn’t walk enough it turned into a blob and eventually died. To get the ultimate creature which was an angel you had to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. I got the blob once or twice and never did quite get an angel.

Since that experiment I’ve become more careful and try to move around a bit more. I’ll get up to walk around just to get my body moving and also for a nice break. Of course I have plenty of days where I’m pretty sluggish and I just curl up on my couch with a comfy blanket.

Here’s some easy ways to try to get that 10,000 steps in!

Skip the elevator and escalator
I always find it interesting to see how many people take the elevator or escalator over the stairs. Many times there simply isn’t even a stair option actually. In my apartment complex the only way to get to the residential floors is via elevator. There are stairs but you would have to go a long way around just to get to where you need to go. At a public area there usually is an escalator nestled in between some stairs. Most people make a beeline for the escalator and the stairs are literally empty! You’ll have plenty of space to yourself if you take those steps and of course it’s good exercise for your legs. If you happen to work in a very tall building, you can always take the elevator and get out a few floors below yours. Walk the remaining steps and get a little bit of exercise in that way.

Talk a walk
I work at a computer all day long and taking a quick walk really refreshes me. It gets me outside and gives me some fresh air. I always feel better after doing so and I really need to remind myself to do this more often! The busier I get then the more I need to remind myself to do so.

Play Dance Dance Revolution
Remember this game? It was extremely popular ten years ago and everyone had to have it! It’s still around and I still take it out every now and then to play. It’s a fun way to get some extra steps in and possibly count as exercise. If you play some of the faster songs then you’ll certainly break a sweat! Haha. Yep I still play it. It’s also a lot of fun to play with friends. Especially the ones who have never played before. I’m sure some teenagers were able to complete 10,000 steps by playing this game.


How much of this 10,000 steps do you take?

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