Changing up Phone Carriers

Photo Credit: MRBECK via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: MRBECK via Compfight cc

It’s been a long journey for cell phone to get to where they are today. They used to be big bricks that only lasted for two hours before charging. Then they got smaller and now they’ve gotten bigger again! I can’t imagine living life without my cell phone now. Even though I did live for a good portion of my life with just the family home phone. Phone bills have gone up as carriers charge more for smartphones and add different fees.

While it’s easy to stay with one company for a long time, it’s also worth it to look into what another company can do for you. There are a lot more perks for new customers than for old ones. Bigger discounts on new phones is the biggest reason people switch. Customers that have been with the same carrier for a long time might be able to reap benefits if they are able to wrangler perks from the company. Easier said than done though of course. Families on a plan together have much more leverage than someone who is on their own. It’s a much bigger loss to lose the revenue from a family than one person. Current customers can also possible keep older plans that fit them better than what the carrier currently offers. If you’re dissatisfied with your carrier it’s pretty easy to switch to another.

There are still a few ways to shave off some costs on your phone bill.

Family plans
I’ve always been on a family plan since I first had a cell phone. It’s cheaper than everyone having individual plans since the costs are lumped together. You share minutes, texting and maybe even data. It’s simple to add a new line to what you have already.

Pay as you go
It’s also good to re-evaluate your phone usage to see what kind of plan, or no plan, you actually need. There are plenty of pay as you go options now that are affordable and reasonable. For someone who only uses their phone for emergency or only for talking! There are people that exist out there that do just this! They definitely don’t need a robust plan with data and texting.

Costco time
Places like Costco might have extra benefits that the carrier stores don’t have. I ended up at Costco because they reimburse that pesky activation fee that all carries now charge for a new phone. They also give you a free accessory pack! It includes a car charger, cell phone case, belt clip and a screen protector. The only one I would use is the car charger but it also came in a nice case. The people who work there cover a few carriers and they don’t work off commission. They are not pushy and a lot more helpful. I’ve never found carrier stores to be very fun to go into. The salespeople are always watching you like a hawk and hovering three feet away. They also don’t always know what they’re talking about or just say things just to try to hook you in.


I was on a family plan with my mom for a very long time. We had been with Sprint for about 10 years. They used to actually care more about their current customers, but not so anymore. We looked at different carriers and alternative options. In the end we decided that a family plan on AT&T with my husband would be the best option. All three of us have smartphones and use voice, data and text.

Do you shop around for the best phone carrier?

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