Persistence Pays Off in Spades

Chiang4Sometimes life works out and sometimes it doesn’t. This time it worked out for me. Our less than three year old couch is getting replaced! Don’t rejoice yet though…the reason it’s getting replaced is because the upholstery is cracking and coming off! We bought this sectional when we moved into our apartment and after about two and a half years the upholstery started cracking. Then it started coming off in small pieces. It’s a modern style sectional with fake man made leather that we found at Ashley Furniture. They have a younger style and their prices are pretty affordable. Yet…the couch we bought only lasted two years. So what does that say about the quality of their products? Is it only their fake leather products that do this or is it all their products?

Furniture, even at affordable prices, still cost a good amount. After only two years of use I wasn’t happy that the upholstery was coming off. The warranty was only one year on it actually. I wasn’t going to just accept it as is though and decided to contact the company to try to get the couch replaced. Which would mean another few years before I would need slip-covers or a new couch.

My husband called, we went to the original location we bought the couch from, and I emailed, all with varying results of nothing. The store directed us to call a manufacturer number that didn’t end up working. Calling the company resulted in the representative telling us to contact the store. Emailing them came up with the same result. Not very good customer service so far and basically pointing fingers at different places. My last resort was to try Facebook. From there I finally got results! A good customer service representative who actually listened to me and opened up a claim. The claim was approved and we’re now going to get our couch replaced!With some persistence I was able to actually find the right place to contact them and get results. It won’t work every single time for everything, but the point is that I tried! I am the kind of person who will exhaust all possible options before giving up! If I had given up after one call, after emailing, or after visiting the store then this never would have turned out well. I would still be pretty disgruntled and my couch would still be losing upholstery.This experience also really shows how important customer service is. I was pretty unhappy after my first three tries with them just pushing us around. I was delighted to actually find someone through Facebook that cared and listened. They actually did call me after I messaged them on Facebook. They reviewed the photos I sent and then granted my claim. Now I won’t badmouth and boycott Ashley Furniture entirely. I’m not sure if I will buy furniture from there in the future, but it’s not on my blacklist.

Do you have any experiences where your persistence paid off?

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