We got our House Keys!

 Photo Credit: david.travis via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: david.travis via Compfight cc

It’s official official that we now are homeowners! After an exciting/crazy/tense month of escrow we now have a house! There were some mishaps and potentially bad things that happened along the way, but we have a great real estate agent and mortgage broker that really helped us out and smoothed out the process as much as possible. Having experts in the field to explain and tell you what’s going to happen is absolutely essential when it comes to house buying.

We found out this morning that the city had processed our papers and switched the house to our name! As soon as that happens then the house is yours and then you can go pick up the keys. All day long I feel like I’ve been riding around on a little cloud zooming around in little whee circles. Did a little dance at my desk at work and called my husband to celebrate a tiny bit together. We’re definitely going out tonight to celebrate! We’re so lucky that we were able to close on time and didn’t have to endure a long drawn out escrow period.

Here’s a quick recap of everything that went down in the last month of escrow!
Our offer was accepted and we went into escrow.
For two weeks we read and signed what felt like a gazillion documents.
We had inspections and the appraisal and negotiated with the seller.
The loan was held up because of the IRS backlog. They took forever to send my transcript!
Loan was approved!
This week we signed a huge stack of loan papers.
The escrow company sent out the papers but Fedex was given the wrong address!
Our mortgage broker moved on the papers and worked it so we were able to close on time!
We got our house keys!!!!

That was an extremely simplistic version of everything that happened. Buying a home is definitely an eye opening experience where you will learn a lot no matter who you are. There are so many things that go into the process that it can be overwhelming at times. I can’t imagine how it would have been without a good real estate agent who answered any questions we had and made sure we were up to speed.

Things happened that were out of our control. Those are usually the most frustrating since there is absolutely nothing we could do! You can’t go yell at the IRS or make them hurry along. Because of the government shutdown they were so behind that we were really worried that my transcript wouldn’t come in. It ended up being a week late but it had been requested 4 weeks prior. This week we were worried that our papers wouldn’t arrive in time for everything to be processed. Everything worked out in the end though!

It’s time to celebrate for tonight! Happy friday readers!

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    1. It’s been a crazy month! I’m not even aware of how to cut corners when buying a house! It seems so regimented that you have to go through each step.

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