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Photo Credit: Ben Heine via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Ben Heine via Compfight cc

Most of the earth is covered in water but its not usable for us since its all salt water. It always seems like we have tons of water readily available to us. It’s strange to think that there are a lot of people who don’t have access to clean water. They have to walk for miles to get one or two buckets of water. Whereas we have access to gallons and gallons of water with a flick of a faucet. We use it to water our lawns, take baths, wash dishes, cook our food, and of course to drink! I don’t have to pay for water now since it’s included in the rent, but I’m sure it’ll be an eye opener when I get my first water bill for the house.

Even though it seems like there’s unlimited water at my fingertips, I still try to conserve water as much as possible. There’s no reason in my mind to waste it if I don’t have to. Plus it’s good practice for when I do have to pay for water! Los Angeles is especially in need of usable water. It’s constantly in drought and there are fires that break out frequently throughout the year. Water is very precious here but that doesn’t stop people from using too much.

To conserve water there’s a few easy things to do!

The easiest thing you can do is to not let the water run when brushing your teeth! Another thing you can do is not take baths and only do short showers. If you take a shower longer than 5 minutes then it’s about the same amount as a bath. For the shower you can also install a earth-friendly shower head. It aerates the water so you shouldn’t notice much of a difference but your water usage will be less. Lastly, another area to look at is the toilet. You can install a low flow toilet or place a filled plastic bottle in the tank to use less water. Most of these are simple enough to do!

I don’t have a good sense of proportion so I end up boiling too much water. To get around this I try to measure out my water carefully to not waste any. If possible I try to use my dishwasher only when it’s fully loaded. A lot of my dishes happen to be hand wash only though. I try not to run my water at full blast and re-use rinse water if possible.

Can’t wait to have my own washer and dryer! We’re definitely going to be looking for a high efficiency washer that uses less water and energy. One thing we already do now is wash clothes only when its a full load.

Watering plants and the lawn
Leftover water from rinsing veggies I usually save and use to water the plants. It works out pretty well now and I never have to use fresh tap water for the plants. I haven’t had a lawn before but it seems like its better to water in the morning or at night. Less water gets evaporated which means more water for the grass. If possible in the future I may replace the grass with plants fit for the dry climate. I’ve even heard of replacing grass with astro turf! No mowing or watering involved ever again!


By saving water I can save a ton of money too! I know it won’t help people halfway across the world who don’t have access to water but it’ll do a bit to help me and hopefully people around me.

What are some ways you save water?

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