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Photo Credit: espinozr via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: espinozr via Compfight cc

The biggest first world problem we have is too much to choose from. For any item you can find in the store you’ll find at least twenty different brands of that item. You can’t just automatically grab the cheapest marked item because the quality might not be so great. You also can’t go for the highest marked item either because it might just be expensive and really not the best product either. When it comes to clothing there are so many types of clothing stores out there! As consumers we’re constantly plagued by new stores and new brands popping up all over the place. Sometimes I even dread when I have to buy something new because its so hard to choose from all our options.

Who would have ever thought that having too many choices is actually a bad thing? It’s great competition to spur on better products but its such a big mess too. Not only are we constantly faced with a gazillion advertisements day in and day out. It also makes it a lot harder to buy the best product when you have to wade through twenty kinds of it. No sane person would actually buy all twenty kinds to test it out and see which one they truly like. In the end it’s like a guessing game between trying to buy a quality product that doesn’t cost too much either.

It’s hard trying to buy products that save us money and fit our needs.

This is a very important step especially when you’re buying something new or expensive. Appliances are one example and so is cookware. Luckily we have a lot of information readily available to us to help us slim down the market pickings. Even taking twenty minutes to search online will help narrow the field. If I were buying a washer I would definitely see what brands are best first.

Pick three and compare
An ultimate bargain hunter would probably find the top brands and then research every single one of them. I try to pick three that I like and just research further and compare those. The point about doing research in the first place is to weed out anything inferior. By limiting myself to three then I further eliminate my choices and help make choosing an easier process.

Reward your favorites
After you’ve done all your research and have chosen a brand you like then stick to it! I can’t imagine doing research all over again if I’ve already researched the company and know I like their products and what they do. If it’s been a while then I would refresh myself of course. I know that most people do this because it makes life simpler. Also if a brand is tried and true then most likely it’ll work for your needs for a while. There are times when you’ll have to re-evaluate but most of the time I stick to what I know and like.

Don’t be tempted if its on sale

Another brand of sauce is on sale that you’ve tried before and know it’s just not as good as good as the one you like. Tempting right? Sales are made to entice you to buy more and sometimes you’ll end up buying you never wanted in the first place! In the end you might just toss it out. Save your money and just buy what you like so that doesn’t happen. Same goes for when you’re shopping. I’m definitely tempted when I see a huge sale sign but most of the time it’s not a store I usually like.


It’s pretty overwhelming when it comes to shopping sometimes! I definitely need some way to filter out products and not have to look through each and every brand each time. We live in a world where every single brand is vying for our attention. There’s only so much you can soak up in one day! It’s no wonder that people usually are loyal to a particular brand instead of jumping all over the place.

What methods do you use to filter through all the products available?


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