It’s Automatic!

Photo Credit: vincent wang2010 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: vincent wang2010 via Compfight cc

I love going into my kitchen and placing my hand underneath the automatic soap dispenser in there and having some soap land in my palm. It’s pretty fun! The dispenser makes a whirring noise and dispenses the correct amount of soap I set it to. It makes life much easier when my hands are dirty and I don’t want to dirty the soap dispenser too. I don’t have one of those automatic faucets though so I still need to touch that to get the water on. In the kitchen it’s a lever I can usually turn on by using my arm though.

Having automatic items in the home is fairly new. We’re all pretty much familiar with automatic items in a public restroom though. Everything can literally be automatic! The toilet, water faucet, soap dispenser and the hand dryer! It’s certainly great when they work, but I’ve had my experiences where you just can’t get the faucet to turn on or the toilet to flush! That part isn’t so fun.

High costs
Obviously with electronics anything special costs a lot more. For a soap dispenser I can spend a $1. For a automatic soap dispenser from Simplehuman? About $35 to $45! It definitely costs a lot more for convenience and style. I was lucky enough that my husband won this one in a contest so we didn’t have to pay for it. Otherwise we wouldn’t have it at all. It even came with a year supply of special made soap. Haha…which I won’t be buying once that supply runs out. I’ll just buy regular soap and thin it out with water so it works correctly. I’m sure other automatic items cost a lot more too. The only one I can see saving money is the automatic hand dryer. Higher cost up front but savings over time from not having to buy paper towels.

Malfunction risks
Worst thing when using the restroom is soaping up then not being able to get the automatic water faucet to work! This seems to happen a lot to me actually. I end up having to go to another one or even a few different ones. A bit embarrassing when the bathroom is full. There’s a lot more that goes into making automatic items and a lot more that can break too. The soap dispenser we have can be finicky at times. It stopped working altogether at some point and then just started working for no reason we could see.

Earth-friendly or not so?
All these automatic items need electronics in them to work. Makes it a lot less earth friendly because of the manufacturing and the components needed. It’s so convenient but not so great for the earth. The only item that is might be the hand dryer. There’s still the argument though of paper versus electricity being the lesser evil.


What kind of automatic items do you like having around?

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