The Great Pumpkin

Photo Credit: xyllehollite via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: xyllehollite via Compfight cc

Happy Halloween!

I had a pretty fun day at work today seeing what all my coworkers were dressed up as. There was Orion’s belt, a Marty McFly, the solar system, tuna sushi, Maeby from Arrested Development, Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and John Travolta in his role in Face Off! Pretty eclectic group of people in varying costumes. We even all went out to lunch together to show off our handiwork. All the costumes were put together and not store bought which made it even better!

Not sure what people did for Halloween tonight but I went home and watched The Great Pumpkin. Snoopy is absolutely my favorite cartoon character and I love being able to watch Peanuts movies during the holidays! If you haven’t seen The Great Pumpkin then here’s a quick synopsis. Instead of believing in Santa, Linus is a little bit mixed up and believes that there is a great pumpkin every Halloween. The great pumpkin rises up from the most sincere pumpkin patch to give toys to all good boys and girls everywhere! So every year Linus skips trick or treating and instead waits in a pumpkin patch for the great pumpkin to arrive! He misses out on all the candy all the other boys and girls get.

Which then makes me think of how fun trick or treating was when I was young enough to go! Until I have some kids of my own I can’t go trick or treating. I’ve heard of parents going out with their babies to trick or treat. Kind of funny since the candy isn’t going to be eaten by the baby! Until I have kids what can I do about this?

Go for the after Halloween sales
Well if I can’t get free candy then I might as well get it for 50% off or so! The best part about the day after Halloween is being able to get a ton of candy for cheap! Yummmyy! Plus if I wanna stock up on decorations then the day after is the time to do it! Since I’ll have a house to decorate soon then maybe I really should this year!

Make my own treats
I can bake up some yummy cookies or cupcakes for myself. Which is what I did yesterday hehe. Better than anything you can get by trick or treating since you won’t be getting baked goods going door to door!

Give out candy for other trick or treaters
Sometimes its more fun to give than to get. I’ve never given out candy before but I imagine it could be a lot fun! Seeing all the kids in costumes and how delighted they get when you give them candy. Can’t wait to try this next year!


If you can’t go trick or treating, what are you doing for Halloween?

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