It’s almost Halloween!!!

Photo Credit: mosippy via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: mosippy via Compfight cc

It’s that time of year again when the holidays start and don’t stop until next year! The Christmas stuff is already out in stores next to the Halloween items.  Two more days until Halloween! It’s time to get a costume if you don’t already have one. Or perhaps it’s time to make something last minute! Halloween is always a fun time of year. It’s a holiday made for kids and for the kid within you. If you don’t have a kid within you then maybe you like the scarier aspects of Halloween. I prefer the fun of dressing up in a costume and seeing what everyone else dresses up as. The best costumes are the ones that are more inventive and took a lot of work to make.

If you didn’t plan ahead just snatching up a costume now might not be the best thing for your wallet. You won’t have the time to shop around and you’ll end up paying a lot more than you normally would. You can offset the cost by re-purposing items you already have or make a costume out of inexpensive materials. Last resort is to just throw together a bunch of different things and say you’re something abstract that doesn’t have a very strong visual. People will just smile and nod and politely move onto the next subject.

Here are some easy costumes that anyone can make or throw together quickly!

This was always Charlie Brown’s backup costume in the comic strip Peanuts. All you need is a old white sheet that you can throw over yourself. Ideally you would be able to cut some eye holes so you don’t walk into anything. It worked well enough for Charlie Brown! It would also be pretty funny to see someone actually do this.

Greek Philosopher
Another costume you can do with a white bed sheet! Just wrap it around yourself like a toga and voila! If you have sandals wear them too.

Harajuku girl
If you’re a lady then mismatch and throw together all your colorful clothing to make a crazy outfit. Put on some bright makeup and do your hair all fun and you have a costume! You probably still won’t compare to a real Harajuku girl but it’s worth a shot.

Super easy costume! Grab a few books to carry around with you and put on some glasses. A lot of people wear glasses anyway but if you don’t just get some fake cheap ones.

Gold Medal Olympian
Throw on some running shoes, a sporty outfit, and then buy a chocolate gold coin to hang around your neck. You can tell anyone who asks what you’re dressed up as after any track star who has won a gold medal in the Olympics.


As for me I will be autumn! I made this costume years ago and have used it several times since. I had a bunch of felt and just started cutting out leaves and sewing them together. Worn it a few times but always with a different group of people. If you happen to have any felt you can quickly make yourself a mask at least!

What are you planning on being for Halloween?



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