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Photo Credit: smokebelch via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: smokebelch via Compfight cc

It’s been a busy week and I’m so glad that it’s Friday! Happy friday readers! It’s my second week at work, housing stuff, and I had some excitement yesterday with a guest post! One of my favorite personal finance bloggers put up a guest post of mine on his blog! It was pretty exciting to see it on the site and to see how many people commented on it.

Here it is if you want to take a look! It’s over at Budgets are Sexy which is a fun personal finance blog run by J$. Thanks a lot again J$ for allowing me to guest post!
Money Lessons From Two Toddlers

The post was about how my two nieces teach me that money can’t buy everything. We should all pay close attention to how much we spend and what we do with our money, but not forgot why we’re earning it in the first place! It got me thinking about gift gifting especially with Christmas coming up fast! I’ve already seen Christmas items already in store. I don’t have to think of gifts as just buying something in a store. There are tons of ways I can give a gift that can be more memorable and doesn’t break the bank either.

Surprise gifts at unexpected times
I love finding something in a store that would be perfect for my husband. If its small then I snatch it up and give it to them even though its not a birthday or Christmas. Sometimes you’ll find things that are just too good to pass up. It’s a nice surprise whenever I get something unexpected and I know other people feel the same way. The other day my husband gave himself a nice paper cut while opening junk mail. Two days later I happened upon a cool letter opener that doubled as decoration in the form of a sleek bird with a long thin tail.

Throwing someone a small party or surprising them with a visit to someplace they’ve always wanted to go can be a good option. You don’t have to spend all your money on a party though and can do a pot luck instead. Visiting somewhere can be as easy as packing a picnic and taking them to their favorite outside spot.

Food gifts
Food is always a great gift! If you’re a decent cook throw together a fabulous meal as a gift! If you’re not the type who likes to cook then you can also bake some cookies or some cupcakes. No one I know would say no to eating.

Something handmade
If you’re crafty you can always make something as a gift! It always goes over well since more effort is required and you can make it very personalized. Well sometimes you don’t save money due to the materials needed. It definitely ends up being a unique gift!

Gift exchange
One idea I’m toying with for this Christmas is to do a gift exchange where we each get one person in the group a gift. This would allow me to focus on one really good gift instead of worrying about five different ones. I can spend a little more on that gift but still save money.


What ways do you gift that are different from the norm?

4 thoughts on “Thinking Outside the Box

  1. Wow, congrats on guesting posting on Budgets are sexy, Its certainly a big site! Will check out the post.
    When you think about it….the small things or the small surprises are what we tend to remember and appreciate more over time…as they say, its the thought that counts, not necessarily the value of the gift.
    This Christmas am throwing the box right out and getting creative 🙂
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  2. For extended family gatherings for Christmas we’ve done away with the traditional gift giving as well. We play a game instead – each person wanting to play brings a gift (within a pre-set maximum – usually $15 or so) and puts it in the middle. We get in a circle, and each person takes a turn picking a gift from the pile in the middle and once everyone has a gift we open them. Then, we pass a plate with 5-6 dice on it around the circle. if you roll doubles, you can trade gifts with anyone else. We go around the circle a few times, and then we quit – each person keeping the gift they have. it’s great fun….we call it “dirty dice.” It’s relatively inexpensive and takes the pressure off of buying a ton of gifts, and trying to figure out what to get everyone. 🙂
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    1. That sounds wonderful! It’s like a nice version of white elephant where everyone has a potential for getting their gift stolen. At least in your version only people who roll lucky die can steal gifts! Need to figure out gift giving this year…it’s always complicated because if you get something for one person you have to get everyone else something!

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