The Four Seasons of Money

Photo Credit: fruitnveggies via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: fruitnveggies via Compfight cc

I grew up experiencing all fours seasons year round. My closet would rotate out every few months and I had clothes only for winter, spring, summer or fall. In a way it was like having to have 4 full wardrobes for each season! You couldn’t wear a sweater in the summer of course so those clothes were only useful for 4 months. Now that I live in a climate that is basically spring year round my closet is pretty much useful the entire year! I might not wear a skimpy summer dress in the wintertime, but t-shirts and tanks are pretty much good year round. I don’t need to buy as many heavy coats and big poofy sweaters to stay warm. The temperatures here at the lowest are at 50 degrees. I’m getting more use out of my entire closet and I have to buy less clothing to cover less change in the seasons. Works for me!

I never really thought of how weather can influence the way you spend money and how much of it! I don’t have many gloves, snow hats, heavy coats, big sweaters, and fluffy knee high socks anymore. I only keep some for when I travel to cold areas. After this I started thinking of other things that you don’t need to buy when you’re living in a constant weather like the one here. In theory how much money could I possibly be saying simply because of where I live?

All snow stuff
The worst part about a heavy snowfall is having to clear your driveway of it. If you’re lucky you have a snow blower. If not then you’re going to really work out with a shovel. Another thing I don’t need to get is snow tires. No snow here so no need for those! One thing I did bring with my is an ice scraper from Ohio that I don’t need anymore. I keep it just in case I road trip somewhere with snow.

Car wear and tear
You’ll see cars twenty years old zooming around here! It’s hard to find vehicles that are rusted out because of the nice weather. Snow and salt greatly deteriorate cars and shorten the length of their lifespans. After every winter you have to get a car wash to get all the salt off your car. If you don’t do that then your car can just turn into a big rust bucket.

It can get down to negative degrees back in Ohio while the lowest temperature here is 50 degrees! We barely turn on the heater since it just doesn’t get cold enough here. Buildings are usually insulated enough that the inside temperature is still fine at night.


Of course being in LA there are tons of things that cost me much more than living back in Ohio. The cost of living is much higher here! At least my car will last for years longer by the nice weather. I never have to get up in the morning half an hour early just to brush off 2 feet of snow off my car either!

How does the climate you live in affect how much money you use or don’t use?

8 thoughts on “The Four Seasons of Money

  1. You made good points I never thought about. I live in an area that has 4 seasons and I need to take out my winter clothes since it’s getting cold here. Aside from money spent on buying clothes for each season, it’s a hassle packing things up and bringing clothes out for each season too.
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    1. That’s true about storage too! I used to have to rotate out a few big plastic bins of clothing and find someplace to put them out of the way. Sometimes it was fun pulling out clothing for the new season since it kind of felt like I was getting new clothing!

  2. I just spoke to my Mother-in-law in Cleveland, OH and they got pummeled with snow today. I was born and raised in Las Vegas so I have never seen an ice scraper before. When I went to court my future wife in Cleveland I asked her what that weird plastic stick with bristles on it was. That’s when she figured out that she was going to marry me and move down to Las Vegas 😛

    Unfortunately, the weather in Las Vegas gets pretty extreme. The hot summers force you to use the AC in your home and car so you spend more money on electricity and gas. Also, it actually gets pretty cold in the winter, like 20 degrees F so we have to use natural gas to heat our homes. At least our spring and fall is similar to Los Angeles where the weather is pretty mild.

    1. I’m actually born and raised in Cleveland! My parents and a good half of my family loves there so I’m sure they’re talking about the recent snowfall. I didn’t realize that Las Vegas got that cold. I know it gets pretty darn hot! Well at least you never have to use a plastic stick with bristles.

      1. I love Cleveland even though my wife does not. I like the slower pace with minimal bling flashing in my face, unlike Las Vegas. Hmm, I can go for some Westside Market Franks Bratwurst or pierogies from Sokolowski’s University Inn right now…

    1. Having a change in weather really does make you appreciate nice days a lot more. We’re very spoiled over here and you’ll see people bust out big puffy winter coats when it drops to 50 degrees. I’m not one of those people but I definitely think my blood has gotten a bit thinner. Come to LA to visit during the winter time! Problem solved!

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