We’re in Escrow!

Photo Credit: MBDigitalCommunications via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: MBDigitalCommunications via Compfight cc

It’s taken a few days for this to sink in for me but I’m finally ready to share the great news! The house we put our very first offer on we didn’t get. A week later we found a house that we thought had great potential and could really work for us. Early last week we put in an offer and now we’re in escrow! Whoo! It’s been quite a crazy past week with it being the first week at my new job and starting the rocky path to officially buying a house. We’ve been reading and signing pages and pages of documents and learning about so many things that we didn’t know of! It feels like we’re taking a crash course.

The house we’re going to buy is located in a great neighborhood with highly rated schools. Three bedrooms and one and half bath. The house is pretty well maintained but older. I absolutely love the backyard and front yard! The front yard has some lovely rose bushes around a stoned pathway to the door. The backyard is nicely manicured with fruit trees! We’re going to have tons of fruit! Oranges, limes, lemons, pomelos, persimmons, and peaches! Going to have to learn how to can and jam.

We’re only in the first stage of escrow and so far so good! We just had our inspections today and we were lucky that there is nothing majorly wrong with the house. Small stuff that needs to be fixed for safety sakes mostly. Hopefully everything will go as smoothly as possible but I’m sure a few curve balls will be thrown our way. A lot of things have seemed bad, but after some more explanation turns out to be better than it sounds. I even got to see a video of the inside of the sewer pipe that goes out to the main sewer lines. Kind of interesting in a way.

Here’s a list of what we’ve gone through already in the process.

House offer
Offer accepted
3% deposit to escrow company

Next up we have an appraisal and then we’ll go into the loan process! It’s all exciting stuff but nerve-wracking. If I was the type to bite my fingernails then that’s what I would be doing right now. The house isn’t ours until we have the keys in our hand. The countdown is on to the end of escrow! Wish us luck!

Do you have any tips for us in our first home buying process?

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  1. Since you have already picked out your house you should make sure your lender is a good one. From closing costs to interest rates make sure you are getting a fair deal. It can be tough shopping for a mortgage but the time invested should pay off. Also keep your credit clean and non eventful, no new loans or credit cards. Although I am sure you are tempted to buy new appliances and furniture for your new house 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tips! There’s so much to know! We have a loan broker who is helping us find the best rate. Plus our real estate agent is very organized and knowledgeable! It’s still crazy but I can’t imagine what it’s like with no help.

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