Smart or not so smart?

I'm addicted to this puzzle game called Zookeeper! Probably half of my phone usage is from playing this game!
I’m addicted to this puzzle game called Zookeeper! Probably half of my phone usage is from playing this game!

I’m always astonished to see little kids running around with a phone and expertly playing a game. I didn’t get my very first phone until my senior year of high school! It was a bulky flip phone that was definitely not considered stylish. Flip phones were the hottest thing and everyone had to have one. The action of flipping open the phone or closing it was fun and comparable to a woman flipping her hair. If you did it correctly, you could look pretty cool doing it. After that came phones with slide out keyboards or a full qwerty keyboard that took over half the phone. Screen sizes got bigger and bigger and phones got more complicated. Now we almost all have smartphones! Flip phones are generally ugly now and are being phased out. Soon, the only phones available are going to be smartphones.

The original purpose of having a cell phone was for convenience and emergencies. You had one to call people just in case there was no pay phone around. For longer conversations, you picked up the home phone instead. Now, many people don’t even have a home phone anymore! We use our phones for everything and you can see people who are constantly stuck to it. There’s so much to do on a smartphone that it is hard not to use it all the time. We can play games, surf the internet, email, text, schedule appointments, and even call people!

A smartphone is definitely an amazing device, but it can also cause some issues too!

Phone etiquette
We’ve all seen this going downhill to practically nothing at all. Next time, look around the room at the people around you at a restaurant. Probably half of them will be on their phone! The art of conversation is being challenged with people taking more interest in their phones than the people around them. Very ironic since a phone is supposed to help people keep in touch. Even my husband has had a bad habit of taking his phone out when we’re at a restaurant. Before smartphones, the worst thing people could do was to answer a phone call in the middle of dinner.

Helps or hinders
I’m not immune to being sucked in by my phone and spending hours playing games on it. I try my hardest not to use it unless I really do need it. I survived for years and years without checking my email every five seconds and without a cell phone entirely! I think I can still go a few hours without checking my phone and seeing what the latest Facebook updates are. I want to use my phone to simplify my life, not to take it over. One odd thing about my phone is that it really sucks to use for talking to people. It gets hot after ten minutes of calling, and people always say it’s extremely hard to hear me. I have to literally put the mic up to my mouth. Since the phone is flat, then it causes issues because I can’t hear that well with it angled away. Pretty ironic that my phone doesn’t work so well for calling!

Sucks up money
Older cell phones were able to go an entire week without being charged. I have to charge this smart phone almost every single day or else it dies. The massive screens just suck up energy like crazy! Plus we’re spending a lot more time on our phones. There’s also the higher phone bills we get with these types of phones. There’s an additional charge for activation and the data plan too. For convenience, we’re definitely paying for it.


Sometimes I wish that I could just go back to a flip phone and be fine. I loved that I could just slip it into my pocket. Now, my smartphone could never fit into my pocket! Women’s pants don’t have very big pockets to start with in the first place. It was much cheaper and simpler when people actually used to call one another to make plans and chat. Text messaging has taken over and can be so rude sometimes. There’s no real interaction and people are less apt to make sure they respond. I still love my smartphone no matter what though! It’s meant to enhance my life and make it easier!

How addicted to your smartphone are you? Do you happen to be a rebel and don’t have one?

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    1. For now they do. Though they are all really ugly now since they don’t put any effort into them. They’re considered old people phones now! Plus, you can’t keep my from my Zookeeper!

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