A Weekday Trip to the Getty Center

GettyHappy Friday readers!

Ever since I interned in Los Angeles I’ve been in love with the Getty Center. It’s absolutely my favorite museum to go to because it’s not just a museum. The buildings are all architecturally beautiful, there are two garden areas, plenty of look out points over the city, and they have a huge grassy area where kids commonly roll down the hill. Many times I don’t even go to view art work, I just go to relax and enjoy the grounds.

People would come to the Getty Center with a picnic basket and enjoy it sitting on the grass. Stroll through the gardens and then maybe head inside for some culture. If you don’t bring your own food they have a big cafe available with tons of food. Pretty decent food too. There’s a restaurant and a bunch of small stands throughout. It’s a place for family, art lovers, picnickers, and of course tourists!

Even better admission is free! Unfortunately you have to pay for parking. It used to be $7 when I first started coming and now its $20 for each car! Quite steep if you’re coming here by yourself. Luckily I’ve figured out which bus can take me here. At my old apartment I could literally hop onto a bus a block away, transfer once, and arrive here. It’s not as convenient anymore so I drive to the bus stop and then take it here. Total price for round-trip is $3! Much better than paying $20. I would probably be thinking of that money while walking around trying to enjoy myself. Though even at $20 a car it’s still the cheapest large museum.

If you live in Los Angeles you should definitely check out the Getty Center! The complex is built on top of a hill overlooking the 405 and guests actually ride a monorail up. It’s a beautiful place to be.

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