The Art of Lunching

LunchingWhat’s another way to save money on going out to eat other than cutting it out entirely? If you switch to lunches instead of dinners, you’ll find yourself saving a lot more money! While the portions are generally smaller, the prices can be a lot less! Restaurants sometimes even have lunch specials! I love lunch specials because they are usually a significantly lower price than dinner, and they come with almost just as much. Places that are generally seen as a dinner spot and are trying to draw in customers for lunch usually have specials. Other places don’t have specials but have the same meal for less during lunch! Better yet, unless its a well-known lunch spot, you’ll avoid the hassle of having to wait for a table.

Today, I met up with a friend of mine at a BBQ spot nearby. Dinner can really add up there, but they have excellent lunch specials ranging from $9-$14. My friend also just happened to have a 30% coupon so we were able to eat out at an even better price. In the end, I shelled out $11 after tax and tip for a 1/3 rack of Memphis ribs, cornbread, rice, and okra! Normally, you would only get one side and cornbread, but I split with my friend so I can have some rice and she some cornbread. Sharing does really benefit everyone! I only ate a small portion of this meal and packed up the rest for home. Dinner here would usually run about $20-$25 a person. The portions are bigger though, but this lunch is already two meals for me.

Lunch specials!
During dinnertime, restaurants have special entrees they try to sell you on, but those are typically the most expensive entrees. Dinner time is when restaurants can charge the most. People are much more likely to go out for dinner and are willing to pay more. Taking advantage of going out to lunch instead of dinner can save you quite a bit of money! Plus, I love that specials usually include a lot of different things that during dinner you would have to order a la carte. Try more food at a lower price.

Breaking up the work day
As we all know, slogging through eight hours of work is tough. If you’re lucky, it’s a good day and you love what you’re doing. No matter how much you like your job though, there will be times when getting through the day will be slow going. Getting out of the office and eating lunch is a good way to re-energize.

Smaller portions
America is definitely known for their extremely large portions that only a small number of people can actually finish. Most of the time, I end up having leftovers when I do go out to eat. Eating out for lunch usually works well for me since portions are smaller. It’s a lot easier to overeat during dinner time when you have a massive plate of food in front of you. I have to admit that sometimes I just continue eating even when full because it’s just too good to stop.


Are you a dinner or lunch person? What’s your favorite restaurant for lunch?

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