I took a brief hiatus from doing these as I wasn’t getting many submissions at all. Have a decent round up today so here it is! Enjoy it! Happy Friday readers!

This is an interesting article about using reusing building materials to build a home.
Tina Katic presents Green Living Tips posted at K International Woodworking.

Car dealerships are trying to lure in customers with special pricing and low apr’s. Here’s a guide to choosing the right car for your budget!
Gary presents How Much Car Can I Afford? posted at Gajizmo.

Green tea which can have very many health benefits for you. If you’re healthy then less medical expenses! Plus I love green tea!
Gary presents Benefits of Green Tea posted at Gajizmo.

Here’s a few different ways to earn extra income!
Martin Poldma presents How to Earn Your First $100/Month in Passive Income | Success and Personal Development Blog by Martin Poldma posted at Success and Personal Development Blog.

I like having an emergency fund, but others have a different take on this. Jeremy explains why he doesn’t like having an emergency fund and how he handled one.
Jeremy presents Dealing With An Emergency Without An Emergency Fund posted at Modest Money.


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    Well, I guess there are many ways of looking and catering for emergencies, its not a one size fits all.
    Excellent posts through and through, thanks for the mention!
    Simon @ Modest Money recently posted…TD Ameritrade Review – Exclusive Review of TD AmeritradeMy Profile

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