What’s in Your Wallet?

WalletJ. Money over at Budgets are Sexy had a really fun idea of writing a post about what’s in his wallet. So I thought why not do it too! It’s always interesting going through other people’s wallets and seeing what they keep in there. Either it’s jam packed full of crazy cards or its super minimalist. Of course, the driver’s license picture is always fun to look at.

I don’t particularly have a wallet as I carry around a wristlet. My purse is my wallet with space for other items. I try to keep all my items travel sized so I can fit more into a small purse. It fits me pretty well right now to have something small to grab that I can potentially stuff into a large pocket. The loop for my wrist is especially handy as it makes it safer and easier for me to remember it. I’ve been known to leave a bag or a cup behind when I get distracted by something. I figure that one day when I’m a mom, I’ll have no choice but to carry a large bag. Why bother now until I have to? For inquiring minds, the whole kids thing isn’t happening for us anytime soon!

So what’s in my wallet/purse?

1. Driver’s License
Everyone has to have this in their wallet unless they are a kid. I have a pretty good picture of me on this one actually so I don’t mind showing it off! See me in person if you want to find out how it turned out!

2. Debit card
I don’t actually use this card much, but I know if I leave it at home, I will forget to grab it when I do need it! I prefer to use credit cards for my purchases to get the cashback rewards.

3. Health Insurance card
Another card I can probably leave at home. I’ll think about it and decide whether or not I will forget it when I have a doctor or dentist appointment. I just switched plans though so for now I shall keep it.

4. Chase Freedom card
Has great 5% categories that rotate every quarter. This is my number one favorite credit card! The categories they have are pretty good, and if it’s not in the category it’s 1% cashback. Plus, Visa is accepted everywhere!

5. Costco AmEx Card
Love Costco! This doubles as my Costco membership card so it’s really two cards in one. This card gives me 3% cashback on gas, 2% restaurants and travel, and 1% everything else! It comes in the form of a check once a year though s,o it’s not as handy as my Chase card.

6. Discover card
Sometimes in my wallet when the 5% cashback categories are good and are ones that Chase doesn’t currently have. Having three kinds of cashback cards in my wallet means I get the max cashback possible.

7. Small cut out card with credit card 5% categories on them
Need to keep track so I can know which card to use for the max cashback!

8. Starbucks Gift Card
Which has 0 balance and I’m taking out now.

9. $70 cash
Because when you need cash it’s there for you.

Other stuff
– Bandaid for emergencies
– Visine – Anyone who wears contacts know they get dry every now and then
– Check for deposit
– Souplantation receipt
– Altoids
– Hand lotion
– Chapstick
– Floss – Have to look good when I smile!
– Aspirin and stomach medications
– Hair tie
– Cell phone

I’ve been able to cram a good amount of stuff into my little wristlet! I have more credit cards than most people probably, but it really helps me get the maximum cashback possible. I pay off my bills every single month and don’t ever carry a balance. If you can work it, then I’d say it’s okay. My list isn’t as small as J. Money’s, but for a woman it’s not bad!

What do you have in your wallet or purse? Are you a minimalist, or is it stuffed to the brim?

5 thoughts on “What’s in Your Wallet?

  1. i dont’ know if it’s just me but your main photo is usually compressed and skewed. do you constrict your photos to a certain pixel size?

  2. YAY!!! I love that you went and did this – It’s always so fun peering into other people’s things, haha… ESP when it has to do with money 🙂 And it’s even funnier that we both had a starbucks card in there that = nothing, haha… I went and took mine out after posting up my article too.

    Have a great rest of your week!

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