City of Angels vs the Emerald City (aka Seattle)

Photo Credit: Surrealize via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Surrealize via Compfight cc

I’m back! I enjoyed a lovely few days with my family eating a lot, relaxing, playing with my nieces, and staying indoors due to Seattle’s infamous rainy weather. It’s always sad to leave and say goodbye, but of course I love being able to sleep in my own bed and be at home. Both Los Angeles and Seattle are considered big cities that are doing their best to be green. Seattle is beautiful with all its lush greenery. Thus the nickname Emerald city. The air up there is definitely a lot cleaner and it always smells fresh. They certainly do have a lot more trees up there! I love both cities for different things, but let’s do a quick comparison.

The recycling services for both cities are pretty much on par. You can recycle a wide variety of items and it’s pretty easy to do so. Seattle though also has a yard waste and compost service that Los Angeles doesn’t have! Anything organic is allowed in their brown bins and they are trucked off to be composted! Since its an industrial large scale composter even bones and meat are allowed to be put in the brown bin. Traditional small scale composting done in your backward doesn’t generate enough heat to break down hard items like bones. Meat is also a problem because it attracts pests.

Everyone drives much slower in Seattle than in Los Angeles! The carpool lanes are only bound by a solid white line and you can merge in or out at any point. Buses are also widely available and very convenient. In downtown all the buses are free to use if you stay in the area. I’ve ridden the commuter buses from the suburbs to downtown and they are very efficient. It would take just as much time to drive and find parking than it would to take a bus downtown. Buses in Los Angeles can be old and dirty a lot of times. People in Seattle get to ride newer buses that are always clean.

Los Angeles definitely has more diversity and options that Seattle in this regard. Seattle has a strong local food and eco friendly seafood movement, but lacks in ethnic diversity. There is still a Ranch 99 but only a few decent Chinese restaurants. The same for other ethnic foods.

If I had a choice I would be in Seattle for the spring and summer, then Los Angeles for the fall and winter. It does rain a lot in Seattle but mostly in the fall and winter. Spring and summer are absolutely gorgeous with all the greenery and the temperature doesn’t get as hot as LA. Here it’s 72 degrees most of the year, but it can get pretty blistering hot in the summer.


I love going to Seattle to visit my sister and her family. I try to go as often as I can but so far it’s only once a year. My nieces are both adorable and growing up so fast! In terms of being green both cities offer a lot of options for their residents to be green, but I think Seattle does better in the actual act of it. People in Seattle have much better access to unspoiled nature and are more connected to it. You can drive 20 minutes away from the suburb and find yourself on an amazing trail that takes you to a lake hidden away. In LA any hiking trails are overrun with people and dogs and you have to drive very far to really see unspoiled nature.

The cost of living is of course much less in Seattle also. Houses are cheaper and even items at Costco can be less than buying it here! If I had my way I would love to live for half the year in Seattle and the other half in LA. That’s not really financially feasible though so I guess I will choose to remain in LA!

Have you ever been to Seattle or lived there? What do you love about the Emerald city?

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