Rules While on Vacation

It’s my third day in Seattle and I’m having lots of fun being with my family and seeing friends. It’s always hard to see people once you get older because everyone’s lives are so busy. Vacation time is precious because getting my whole family together is so hard now! Both of my parents flew in also and are staying for a few days. My nieces are adorable and a huge bundle of crazy energy! We haven’t done too much other than spending time together but I’ve somehow managed to already spend a lot of money!

Rain in Seattle is pretty much normal and that’s what I get to experience today! We still need to go out and run some errands later but this probably means that we won’t be going outlet shopping today. We went yesterday and I dropped some money at Coach! Albeit for a gift for my mother-in-law, but spending money nevertheless! I love being on vacation even though we’re not doing much. My spending behavior is a bit more free though! I think being on vacation does change spending behavior a it. I allow myself a little it of freedom but not too much! I am on vacation after all so I should enjoy myself.

Here are my rules while on vacation.

Indulge myself a bit more than usual
Things I wouldn’t normally allow myself to do or eat I indulge in on vacation! Like eating bacon and donuts! It’s definitely not healthy to eat that all the time so I allow myself only when I’m on vacation. Admittedly I eat bacon every now and then, but I wait on the donuts until I come up to Seattle. There’s a really good donut shop that makes fancy donuts here that is delicious! If I’m going to eat something as unhealthy as a donut I might as well wait until I get the really good ones.

Allow a few impulse buys
I try not to allow myself to buy anything in impulse as half the time I regret it later! I did end up spending a bit yesterday when we went shopping. I didn’t actually buy anything for myself but I did start checking off my Christmas list. I usually shop around though and I didn’t bother this time. Just went ahead and bought what I wanted. Ended up buying a purse from Coach for my mother-in-law and my mom.

Enjoy myself
Vacation is all about having fun and enjoying myself! So of course I might do things out of the ordinary but as long as I like it it’s okay. It’s only for a few days and I’m not going to be doing anything crazy that breaks the bank anyway.

Just a couple more days and then it’s back to normal life! Time to enjoy the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Rules While on Vacation

  1. Sounds like prudent rules to me. I mean, whats the use of money and vacations if you can’t indulge yourself and treat yourself like a queen? Its still nice to stay within your vacation budget and make an effort to buy less on impulse.
    That said, I do over-indulge during my vacations and let my loved ones know just how much I love them with gifts that at times dent my wallet…sometimes (most times) its worth every penny.
    Simon @ Modest Money recently posted…EverBank Review – Exclusive Review of EverBank Online BankingMy Profile

    1. I ended up spending more than I thought, but a lot of the things I splurged on will go towards upcoming gifts! That’s the good, the bad is I also splurged on a ton of unhealthy food. Haha. Oh well!

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