Chilling out at the Airport

This definitely isn’t one of my favorite things to do. It’s always crowded, people are always grumpy, and going through security is like drawing the lottery but you don’t win anything. You might “win” because you don’t have to go through the radiation machine, but then you can also get selected for the full pat down. Either way not a fun experience. Flying is the fastest way to get anywhere right now though so I guess we will all have to go through the airport at some point.

Being at the airport is not really fun so why did I end up here 3 hours early? My husband dropped me off being going to work since it’s on his way anyway. It saves us about $25 for the taxi fare if I decided I couldn’t handle the airport for so long. It’s also a lot more pleasant to be dropped off by my husband than some surly taxi guy. I wish that people were allowed to still go to the gate to greet and drop off people. Those were such sweet times when you knew you would see your loved ones right away.

I’ve got lots of time now before boarding my plane. What to do until then? I brought my iPad along so I can write this blog post, and of course I have my phone too.

Get some exercise and window shop
I’m at a small terminal that doesn’t have any stores to look at but I know the larger ones do have a shopping area usually. There’s a Hudson but I don’t particularly feel like looking at touristy goods and books right now. You can always walk around and check out your entire terminal!

Look at all your food options
Since I have plenty of time I can look at every option I have to see what’s best for lunch. Slim pickings here but I have a Starbucks, Burger King, La Brea bakery stand and Gladstone’s. I really should have brought my own sandwich with me but I didn’t think of that so I’ll probably end up with one from La Brea. Gladstone’s doesn’t even show their prices on the outside menu which means they are definitely overcharging.

People watching
Bought myself some tea and parked myself near the line at Starbucks. If you’re a people watcher then the airport is great for this! There are so many different kinds of people here coming through. I think being able to hear people order at Starbucks is interesting too. It always sounds like a different language.

Sometime later this day I’ll finally be in Seattle! I had planned to take public transportation to my sister’s but she’s overruled me and picking me up. She used that tone that meant no discussions allowed. Looking forward to seeing my family! My luggage will be a lot lighter once I empty it of gifts.
What do you do to kill time at the airport?

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