Beware the Money Pit! Aka the Mall

Photo Credit: isayx3 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: isayx3 via Compfight cc

I love going to the mall! Where else can you find tons of stores in one space where you can shop to your heart’s content. You can spend hours inside just browsing and buying and stopping to eat every now and then. Like most women I love shopping and wouldn’t say no to going to the mall if I had a choice. I can do it by my lonesome or get a group of my girls together and make it a fun trip instead!

Okay so a mall can be used for something other than shopping. There’s always a food court so eating can be one thing. Most times there are actual restaurants too that are better than just the food court. I see husbands and boyfriends sitting around lounging and taking up space. The mall for them is a time for relaxation and boredom. When I was a teenager it was one of the places to go to hang out and kill time.

With my current frugal lifestyle though, the mall instead becomes a big money pit. I try my best to avoid going into a mall because its basically a big test of my will power. Sometimes I win and other times I lose and end up buying something. The worst is when you just go to the mall for no reason other than not having anything else to do. You go here to kill time and watch your money fly away!

Today I ended up there because I had to go to the Apple store to drop off my computer for repairs. I found myself in Williams Sonoma because kitchen stores are irresistible to me! Luckily, or unfortunately, everything there is too expensive for me to make anything an impulse buy. I could have bought a knife I guess, but those aren’t fun impulse buys. After that I told myself to walk quickly and get the heck out!

So what’s a girl to do that loves going to mall when trying to live a frugal lifestyle? A few things I’ve been doing that have seemed to work so far.

Just don’t go at all
Go only if you need to buy a gift and stick to that
Go to a really pricey mall where I can’t afford anything anyway
Walk really fast to get to where I really need to go
Go only if my will power is really high that day


It’s funny to look at that list I just wrote and think how far I try to go to avoid spending money on things I don’t need! So far so good for me. I do have a very long list for holiday shopping…but that’s really the time to try to avoid the mall for your own health. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Do you think the mall is a big money pit? Do you avoid it or are you a regular there?

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