We’re going on a day-trip!

Photo Credit: osvaldoeaf via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: osvaldoeaf via Compfight cc

Happy friday! I’m looking forward to the weekend when we’re going to take a day trip down to San Diego! Going to visit my husband’s best friend and his family. They just had a little baby girl and we’re both excited to see how she is and her older brother. Of course how his best friend and wife are doing too! I love day trips because they’re like a mini vacation and they don’t cost very much. Usually the highest cost is from gas. Luckily we have a Prius so it won’t be that bad.

We’re mostly going to be just catching up on this one. About 2 hours to drive down there, hang out and get some food together, then drive back up to Los Angeles in the late afternoon. San Diego is the perfect distance away for a good day trip. The scenery entirely changes and you feel like you’re somewhere else. It would be nice if we could spend more time there, but then we would have to think of lodging and it would take up our entire weekend.

On short trips there’s a few things we do to save money and make it as efficient as possible.

Take the most fuel efficient car
Common sense of course to take the car that doesn’t guzzle as much gas. The whole trip will end up taking 4-5 hours round trip to drive, plus you need to think of all the possible driving when you get there. My husband filled up the Prius today so we definitely have enough to get us there and back. This also means we won’t have to find a random gas station along the way. Most likely we would end up paying more for gas!

Keep it to places that you can drive to in about 2 or 3 hours
It’s a day trip so you don’t want to be driving the entire day! I find that 2 or 3 hours away makes it feel enough like you’re getting away for a little bit, but it won’t take you forever to get there so you can enjoy it.

Do research before you get there
We like to know a few places to go for food and fun before we get there. This way we won’t be wandering around not knowing where to go and also end up eating at a restaurant that isn’t good. Been through that experience where you don’t know where to eat and are so hungry you just go to the closest place. Also, it would be horrible if you drove there for something specific and found out it was closed!

Pack some snacks and water
It’s a short amount of time to drive, but bringing your own snacks and water can save you some money. You won’t be tempted to stop by a gas station to buy junk food.

What will you be up this weekend?

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