Meet Mr. Blobfish

3786769676_ec7515c24fIs it real??? If so what the heck is that thing? It’s extremely ugly and doesn’t look like it could survive. It looks like an old grumpy man with a big nose to me. It is very much real and alive though! That’s a blobfish that survives by floating around the deep sea eating whatever is in front of it. It’s blobby because that’s how it stays afloat. It’s a very strange looking thing and it’s also being affected by our actions. It’s not on the endangered list yet, but if we continue to fish using large trawling nets it might be. Other than being offensive to the eyes it hasn’t done anything to us.

I find it fascinating that the earth holds so much diverse forms of life. Not every animal is fluffy and cute as you can see from above. I probably only know a small percentage of animals too! No matter where they live, how big or small they are, all animals are affected in some way by our actions. Many are endangered because of us! Some people might say survival of the fitness, but we’ve created abnormal conditions that are just killing off other life in droves.

So I say let’s save the animals! Haha. Here’s a few things you can do that will help and ultimately save you money.

Use reusable bags
I wrote a whole post on these before. Long story short using reusable bags takes plastic bags out of the equation. No more plastic bag litter. Some stores give you small rewards for using your own bag! Plus other stores won’t charge you for a bag.

Lay off the gas
Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve been hearing about oil spills and how much devastation it causes. Driving less will save gas and so will not using your car at all. It might be fun to walk, bike, or take a bus instead. You won’t have to spend your money on gas and you’ll reduce the need for off shore oil drilling. As the appetite for oil grows so do methods to extract oil get riskier.

Back to the the most well known concept of being eco-friendly. Recycling not only helps keep our resources from being depleted, it also helps keep trash off our streets. Ever heard of the big mass of plastic floating in our oceans? Plastic doesn’t disintegrate and only breaks down into small chunks. Animals then eat this plastic thinking it’s food and eventually die with a stomach full of it. Of course you can also get some money back from recycling if you live in a state that does so.

A blobfish is pretty butt-ugly and I would never ever want to see it in real life. I can’t save it by recycling, using my own bags, or using less gas, but a lot of other animals can be. It’s interesting to know that our every day actions can help!

Are you doing any of these things already?

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