To Keep or not to Keep

Christine&Barry-wedding-143Two people living in a one bedroom apartment can start getting crowded the longer you live there. It’s a human tendency to accumulate more stuff even though we’re trying hard not to! I’m constantly going through our stuff looking to see if there’s anything we don’t really need anymore. Either we give it away to a friend who wants it, or we donate it to Goodwill. Our last resort is to toss it if it’s really on its last legs. I don’t intend to be on that extreme hoarding show one day. Plus I do like having a clean space to live in. Buying less to save money and to be more earth-friendly helps keep our life simpler.

One-time events like a wedding were particularly hard to figure out what to buy and what to rent. Anything we bought for it would most likely be used only once. I’m a very practical person by nature so I ended up renting my wedding dress. For only $300, I was able to wear a gorgeous designer dress on my wedding day and then return it afterwards. The cost of alterations and cleaning was included in that rental price! The things I did end up buying include my shoes, a ring bearer pillow, card box, and some tulle for decoration. I’m trying to sell off most of these currently, but I can’t decide what to do with the shoes!

I happen to be on the short end of the spectrum at 5’2 and a half inches. My husband is almost a complete foot taller than me. That meant when I was picking out wedding shoes I could go as tall as I wanted. I didn’t intend to pick up 5 inch heels at all, but then I fell in love with these and had to buy them. I splurged $60 on them and hobbled around all day long until I could change into flats during the reception. As any woman (or man) knows, 5 inch heels are not comfortable. No matter how much padding there is or how well made the shoe is, it will hurt after a bit of time. Still, I don’t regret my choice.

Getting back to the question of what to do with them, I have a few options.

Try to sell them on eBay
Give them away or donate them
Keep them

I’m not sure how much they would sell for on ebay. New ones I believe were going for $30. It seems like my best bet is to give them away or donate them to Goodwill or some non-profit prom organization. At the moment though, I’m leaning towards keeping them as a sentimental reminder. Most women keep their dresses so maybe I can keep my shoes for now. This doesn’t jibe with my goal of trying to lead a simpler life, but sometimes I can’t bear to part with certain items.


What do you think I should do with a pair of 5 inch heels I 99.9% most likely will never wear again?

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