Why would I want to run a marathon?

I might be more motivated to run if I had one of these guys after me...thanks goodness I don't though!
I might be more motivated to run if I had one of these guys after me…thanks goodness I don’t though!

I put running a marathon as a very far-fetched goal on my list of things I want to achieve one day. Why is it far-fetched? Running is one of the things I dislike doing the most, and I can barely get myself to jog half a mile before slowing down and walking! I did buy some decent Nike running shoes and I do try to force myself to use them every now and then. Those shoes still look pretty brand new and could use some more breaking in. It’s definitely not one of the things I am excited to do at all.

The only reason I do end up jogging every now and then is for the challenge of overcoming an obstacle. I’m extremely happy if I manage to get myself out to jogging even for a mile or two. Running a marathon would of course be a humongous challenge! Doing 26 miles is really not something I even think I can ever do. That’s what makes it an appealing goal for me though! If I could ever run a marathon, or even a half marathon, then it would be a major achievement for me! It’s not something I can imagine myself doing.

So why would I have such an unrealistic goal?

Challenging myself
There are many things I’ve accomplished in life that I never thought I could do! Goals that I thought would be extremely hard or impossible to achieve, I’ve done it! Jogging is very hard and it would take so much hard work to train to be able to run a marathon and complete it. One day, if I ever get off my butt and actually try, it would be quite a big achievement. Sometimes you do have to do different things and experience life. A marathon is pretty hard to finish and if I could ever complete one, I would be so proud of that achievement.

Set my goals high
I guess I could say jog 5 miles instead to make it a smaller goal. I like to reach high for my goals though, and a marathon is the ultimate race for runners. If I’m going to make myself suffer, I might as well go big! I’d much rather fail at reaching a large goal than set a small goal I can easily achieve.


I don’t know if I’ll ever really try to go for a marathon. I have my moments when I do feel like jogging a bit, but then that feeling quickly evaporates as soon as I start jogging. I find it an appealing goal though because it would really be the ultimate challenge for me. My other goal of becoming a millionaire is pretty lofty but with lots of time can be achievable still. Perhaps when I’m 100 years old? Hopefully sooner!

Do you have any challenging goals that one day you’d like to achieve? What is it?

2 thoughts on “Why would I want to run a marathon?

  1. Do a 5K first, large goals need stepping stones. I think once you see how encouraging the running community is and have some fun with running, you’ll have more motivation to accomplish your marathon goal! Most races have a little after party and the fees usually go to support a good cause, so you have nothing to lose. Maybe in a year or so I can come out and run a marathon (or half) with you! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I think I need to start with a mile first! I’ve never quite enjoyed running as much as you do! Most of the fight is just getting myself to start.

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