The Los Angeles County Fair

Photo Credit: saicode via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: saicode via Compfight cc

Every year I go to the LA county fair with my family. It’s a humongous fair with tons of things to do, see, and of course eat! The food there is overpriced and really not healthy for you at all. Luckily this fair is so big that at least I’ll work off some off those calories by walking. There are also lots of farm animals to see, snakes, and insects. One year they had some more unusual animals and then another they had a puppy run. It’s really only a one time event that we all love going to. We stuff ourselves and we check out everything there is to see!

The biggest thing that people check out when going to a fair is the food! There’s always some new deep-fried monstrosity every year that you must try. This year I believe its a corn dog with the batter made with waffle batter. Looks like a waffle on a stick. There’s also bacon wrapped fried pickles. Of course then there’s the Krispy Kreme hamburger. Two Krispy Kreme donuts as bread and the patty in the middle. Of course there are tons of carnivals games to play too! Not to mention all the vendors hawking stuff seen on TV. It’s guaranteed that we’re going to drop some money at the fair! Still there are things we try to do to save money.

Don’t buy every little thing you see
This pertains to food and stuff people will try to sell to you. You can have tons of fun without stuffing yourself too crazily and without buying anything there. They make it seem like a deal but I’m sure they over inflate their prices and put it on “sale.”

Bring some water
We always bring a bottle or two of water so we don’t have to spend as much on drinks. This helps a bit. Not to mention it’s earth friendly too.

Get free admission and parking or a discount
Big events like this will always have some way to get a discount. Normal price for admission alone is $19! Parking for each car is another $15. We’re lucky that we have family connections to get us in for free plus free parking. If not though we would definitely try to get a discount at least. The discounts are posted right on the website actually.

Be nice and share
Another thing about fair food is that its usually massive. We usually try to share everything so we all get to try more food! This is especially great if what you order isn’t so good. The bad and good is spread out among the group!


I’m so excited to go tomorrow! It’s always tons of fun! We usually just wander around to check out the fair and eat our favorite items. The one year we did play carnival games was pretty hilarious. I had never played one of those water shooting games where you race against other people. So I tried one year and when the game started there was no water coming out! The guy who worked there came over and told me that it was broken and that he had told me to sit in another seat. All four of us in the group definitely know he didn’t tell me. In the end he felt bad and gave me a consolation prize. A minion from the movie Despicable Me! Exactly what I was going for anyway.

Have you been to your local fair yet? What’s your favorite part about it?

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