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A Bus with a Rooftop Garden - What a Great Idea
Photo Kinetic via Urban Gardens

Pretty soon taking a bus will be considered even more earth-friendly! Coming soon to a city near you (hopefully) will be buses that boast rooftop gardens! It’s an amazing idea that is just starting out and I’m hoping that it will really take off. I’m sure it’s the type of thing that Los Angeles would surely adopt.

“My mission is to expand the garden area in urban environments, increase the absorption of CO2 and give public transport a new ecological and tourist attraction,” says designer Marc Granen.

Marc Granen is from Spain and has started a company called Phyto Kinetic. There are already a few of these buses zooming ’round in Spain! I wonder when we’ll start seeing them in the United States. It’s making an eco-friendly and inexpensive transportation even more eco-friendly! Well it doesn’t help us save money by riding these buses, but riding public transportation is pretty inexpensive anyway.

Apparently it’s not a new idea entirely. Three years ago in New York, there was a garden bus driving around. Not sure what happened to it, but hopefully this concept can still take off. They’ve made it as lightweight as possible to not add unnecessary weight to the bus. The plants in the garden are of a hardier variety so they don’t die off immediately. The buses in Spain now are even watered by the excess condensation from the a/c unit in the bus. The best part I’ve saved for last! It’ll take out tons of CO2 in the air! Sounds like a great concept to me!

If you want to check it out more here’s the link to the company website:
Phyto Kinetic


Would seeing one of these buses coming down the street make you more willing to ride the bus?

2 thoughts on “Gardens on Buses

  1. This is a great eco idea. When I saw the picture it made me smile. If my commute was shorter in distance I would def. consider taking the bus or biking to work? NYC really needs this for the city as green areas are getting obsolete every day.

    1. I wish I could take the bus or train to work. It’s about 25 miles though and it would double my commute time! 3 hours commute doesn’t sound so fun to me. Hopefully these buses will show up in NYC. There was one a few years ago in NY but the idea never took off. I think it was called Eco Bus.

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