Selling His DVD Collection

dvdsWhen he was a single man, my husband was buying up DVD’s like crazy. By the time I met him five years ago, he had already made himself stop after he filled up all six rows of his big DVD shelf. It was perfectly organized alphabetically, and every tiny bit of space was used up. We’ve probably never even touched 90% of these!

With Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming channels available online through our Roku, we haven’t had to buy anything physical to watch a movie or TV show. There just isn’t any need to buy DVD’s or Blu-rays since most likely you can find them streaming somewhere (not to mention Redbox). If you have the patience to wait for new movies to come out on streaming channels then you can save tons of money!

My husband decided that he was going to try to sell off as many of these DVD’s as possible. Most of these are older movies anyway that we can find through Netflix. Plus, the value of DVD’s will only continue to drop, and we didn’t want to have to pack them all up again the next time we move. They filled more than three large boxes last time. We are keeping our favorite movies that we actually do watch, but trying to make some money off the rest.

The best way to sell DVD’s is through eBay. Buy back programs barely give you anything and aren’t really worth it. Amazon does have a buy back program that is very convenient. Sell your DVD’s to them and they will pay for the shipping. Unfortunately, they only give you at most a few dollars for the newest releases. In fact, average DVD’s will be only worth 20 cents or so. Not really worth it at all. It’s a long process but two full shelves have already been cleared off. With some patience you can get a little more money out of your old DVD’s.

By doing this, we are un-cluttering our place and making a little bit of money. It might be something other people should do too. Keep your favorites and try to sell the rest. DVD’s now aren’t worth much.


Do you have a big DVD collection, or do you just stream and download what you want to watch?

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