Alternative Pets: Chickens and Sea Monkeys

Photo Credit: DrSlippers2007 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: DrSlippers2007 via Compfight cc

I’ve never had a dog or a cat in my whole life. I’ve always wanted one but it’s just never happened. This doesn’t mean I’ve never had any pets before though! I’ve just had some more unusual ones growing up.

Sea monkeys, fish, a frog, and chickens are what I’ve had as pets before! The only pet fish I can claim as mine was one that I won in one of those fishbowl carnival games. Naturally, as a little girl I named it Canfield after the city the fair was in. Sea monkeys were tiny little swimming creatures that I found were brine shrimp actually. Not very exciting after the initial hatching. The frog, my father brought home one day. Poor thing was probably miserable in our house until the day it died. The chickens were really the pets that my sister and I most enjoyed!

My grandmother brought us two little fluffy chicks one day. There were absolutely adorable and we raised them until they were fully grown. We were in charge of feeding them and hosing down their coop every morning. Every night, we had to catch them to put them back. We definitely learned responsibility this way! We also learned about death and loss too. The chicks grew into a hen and a rooster. Tweety and Spotty! One day, my Tweety was stolen from our yard while we were in school. Spotty ended up becoming chicken soup when fall came around. There was no way we could keep a crowing rooster. Contrary to popular belief, they crow all day long and not just in the morning.

Having chickens instead of a dog or cat definitely was less expensive and still taught us some responsibility and life lessons. There were no shots and vet visits to pay for. With chickens, you can also use them for food. My sister and I would have loved to keep our last chicken, but we understood why we couldn’t keep the rooster. Either we were very mature little kids or our mother explained it to us very well. It was a sad time when it happened.

So now when I think of pets, I don’t necessarily think of getting a dog or cat. I’ve even toyed with the idea of raising chickens for eggs. The chicks are just adorable and they are much less expensive to raise. Having a pet doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Not everyone can have a dog or a cat. Maybe a chicken named Tweety?

What kind of pets do you have? Do you have uncommon pets that are inexpensive and easy to care of?

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