The Power of Social Media

FacebookWell I knew it was only a matter of time, and it finally happened this weekend. My mom has joined Facebook! This means that she’ll see everything I post on there! Haha it’s kind of funny. I don’t actually mind since I don’t post too much bad stuff on there anyway. Mostly just pictures of major events and small musings of mine. No crazy party photos of any sort. I’m beyond the crazy college phase of life for sure now.

Social media has definitely gotten pretty big in the last few years. On Facebook, you can find generations of families on there! The grandma, mother, and daughter! It’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. Twitter and Instagram have also blown up! Companies have now gotten on board and most have a Facebook page or Twitter account. You can use social media to save money too! Read on to find out how.

Special deals and promotions
Many companies will host contests and promotions only on Facebook or Twitter. If you like your favorite companies, then you can find out when they have something going on. Even by just liking their page, you can sometimes get a coupon or code. I’ve gotten a lot of free items from companies on Facebook. Samples of shampoo and vitamins and things like that.

Another source for customer service
Since everyone is on social media these days, companies are trying very hard to keep their image online unstained. If you hate calling and waiting for a representative to help you, messaging companies through social media may do the trick instead. It all depends on how active they are though.


Facebook and Twitter do have their uses other than updating your status and stalking people. I guess it used to be considered cooler before mothers and grandmas got on there, but I know tons of people using it still! My age might be the cut off point though haha. It seems like teenagers aren’t using Facebook anymore. Apparently the average age of users is about 45 years of age. Ulp, oh well.

Do you use social media to get freebies and deals? Have you ever tried contacting a company through it?

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