Back from Camping!

You can find lots of wildlife while camping. Here we observed an unnaturally fat squirrel eating some of our tortilla chips.
You can find lots of wildlife while camping. Here we observed an unnaturally fat squirrel eating some of our tortilla chips.

Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone had a fun Monday off from work. As for me I’m back in civilization! I was so delighted to come back home to take a nice shower and sleep in my own bed. I took a nap earlier today and it was glorious! There’s nothing like roughing it a bit to really appreciate what you have. We weren’t doing the tent in the woods with no bathroom. My kind of camping is close enough to the city to pick up anything we may have forgotten. It also includes showers and restrooms! No way can I go without showering and a real toilet.

It was perfect weather for camping early last week, but then the temperature rose 20 degrees and it was awfully hot this weekend. We basically prepped for meals, ate, cleaned up, sat around, and repeated. At night we made a good bonfire when it was cool enough. Still had a good time and we tried to make the best of it. Also saw a lot of interesting wildlife. A few woodpeckers, rabbits, and one very very fat squirrel that came within a few feet of us. We ate a lot of good food and we spent time together. It was a family trip that we try to take every single year. My uncle wants to do it twice a year now, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. These three day weekends are precious!

Camping is awesome since you get away from the city for a bit. You don’t usually use a lot of electricity and there are many ways to be earth-friendly and save some money while doing it. Camping itself is pretty lost cost overall and is a good option for a mini trip.

Using reusable dishes and utensils
It’s certainly much easier to bring along one time use plates and utensils, but obviously not very earth-friendly or cost effective. We try to bring enough reusable plates and utensils for ourselves and then wash up after each meal. It takes more time but its worth doing! The plates we bring are also a lot sturdier than any throw away plates. Well unless you buy the really expensive kind, but I don’t know anyone who does. We also tried to use dish cloths to wipe our plates and an old rag to wipe off tables.

Being nice to the animals and bugs
I brought along my homemade water and vinegar cleaning spray so that I wouldn’t leave chemicals all over the place. I also tried some earth-friendly methods to drive away the yellow jackets. They didn’t work but oh well. According to Google cutting pieces of cucumbers will drive away wasps. Another method is to use a brown bag and fill it out so that it’s round and hang it up somewhere. Wasps are supposed to be driven away from the cucumber scent and the presence of another “hive.” Both methods didn’t work. Our food was too tasty for them to stay away.

Cleaning up
Everything we brought we took back or made sure was in the trash can. After we packed up everything we walked around our site and picked up any trash that was overlooked. We should always take care of any place we’ve used. From camping sites, to the beach, to picnic areas in the park.


My bed is starting to call to me so I think I’m going to have to respond soon. Nothing like sleeping on the hard ground to really make me appreciate my soft comfy bed. This weekend went by pretty fast even though we really didn’t do much!

How was your labor day weekend?

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  1. Happy Labor day to you too. It is pretty nice to know that you spent your long weekend in camping. It is fun to spend time with your family once in a while. You got it right that we need to follow some basics like cleaning up the place you used for camping.

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