What if…every weekend was a three day weekend?

Nice pile of candy for the weekend! Going to make some fancy s'mores.
Nice pile of candy for the weekend! Going to make some fancy s’mores.

It’s a three day weekend! I love it when three day weekends come up since they are basically mini vacations. A normal weekend always seems to fly by much too fast. I’m gearing up to do a bit of family camping. Once a year I usually go with my cousins and uncle. Unfortunately our group is pretty small due to school and work obligations. It’ll still be fun though! We were actually supposed to go during Memorial weekend but our reserved campsite was flooded a month before. Being a busy weekend we couldn’t find another campsite to reserve. Only the bad ones were open. I’m looking forward to a fun weekend of doing nothing, eating a lot, and not having to worry about every day life.

I always wondered what it would be like if every single weekend was three days! If only the normal work week could be cut down to 4 days. I would be willing to work longer hours for 4 days and then have a three day weekend! What about you?

More time for trips
Mini road trips and vacations would be entirely possible every single weekend! It’s hard trying to travel somewhere on a Friday night and then come back Sunday. Just not enough time to really get anywhere decent and have time to enjoy it.

Dreading the end of Sunday
Oof I’m sure we all go through this. Saturday is great but then Sunday I try to stretch out as long as possible to make it last. It would be so much better if I had two days to relax and then know that my work week is shorter. Sundays also end up being errand day mostly. So in a way Saturday is my only fun day!

Friday isn’t always productive
A lot of companies have summer Fridays! Many people have three day weekends in the summer time or half days on Friday. Most of us aren’t so lucky and end up having to slog through Friday working. At the end of a long work week we just try to get as much possible done. Sometimes that doesn’t always work though because people can be so excited for the weekend. Or they could already be gone.


It would be awesome if I could have a 4 day work week and three day weekends all the time! Admittedly since I’m self employed my Fridays usually aren’t full days anyways. This weekend I’m so excited for the fancy s’mores we’re going to make. I bought different kinds of chocolate! Dark chocolate, chocolate with almonds, Andes mints, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and cookies and cream! We’re also going to try baking bananas. Just slit open a banana, stuff it full of candy, and bake it until its all gooey and melty. It’s not going to be a healthy weekend at all. Who cares though! It’s going to be tons of fun.

What would you do if every weekend was a three day weekend? Would you be willing to work only 4 days a week instead?

4 thoughts on “What if…every weekend was a three day weekend?

  1. Sounds good to me because I’ll have more time to look for more income streams and opportunities to earn more however we might tend to get lazy on the last day (fourth working day). It happens in 5 working days, the last day is the laziest because we want to go home immediately. I think it would be great to retain a 5 working days with shorten work periods.
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    1. An interesting idea to just shorten the work day. Think a lot of people try to eat a their desks during lunch and keep working so that they could go home earlier.

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