Bananas Hanging out on an Exercise Bike

BananasHangingI have a few bunches of bananas just chilling out on my exercise bike. Random right? We bought them when they were pretty green and they’ve been ripening up too fast. Googling it tells me that I should hang it on a banana hook. Well I don’t have one of those so I improvised!

It reminded me that all you really need is a few items sometimes instead of all the gadgets you can possibly buy. Kitchen gadgets especially sometimes only have one use! I’ve seen a gadget for un-skinning garlic, an avocado slicer, a kiwi slicer and etc etc. All these different gadgets that are made for one very specific use. With a little bit of ingenuity you really don’t need all of this stuff! Having less means more money in your pocket and a less cluttered home. Simplifying your life of stuff is a great way to save money and to prevent you from buying useless stuff. There will be less in the landfill too!

Can you re-purpose something else?
Who knew I would end up hanging bananas from a hanger? My first thought was to look around for a hook of some kind. The only one I could think of is the plastic one in the bathroom. That hook isn’t strong enough and I don’t want bananas in the bathroom. I wouldn’t buy a real banana hook because it takes up space and is only used for bananas. It works well just as it is right now!

How many times will you actually use it?
I think our tendency now is to run out and buy something when we find we “NEED” it for something. If we’re not really going to use it every day or every week then don’t bother buying it. You got by somehow without it and you’ll still be fine. Even when we pare down our belongings we adapt and get used to less.


Not buying every single that there is out there will help save you tons of money! I’ve found that I end up using it once or twice and completely forget about it. I’ll end up using the old way I did it because it actually ends up being easier! I’ve gotten this garlic wheel for a gift once. You put the garlic in the compartment and roll it around until the skin comes off. It’s much faster for me to just smash and peel the garlic than using that wheel.

Are you a gadget type of person? Have you re-purposed something and used it for something other than what it’s intended for?

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