Being Earth-Friendly and Saving Money

Photo Credit: nickwheeleroz via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: nickwheeleroz via Compfight cc

My parents taught me how to be pretty frugal when I was growing up. They would only buy things when needed and would use it until it couldn’t be fixed anymore. My parents still have a blow dryer that’s almost the same age I am! A big hulking piece of plastic, but it still works! We gave away our old unused items to friends who needed it instead of just tossing them out. When curbside recycling began, our family started doing that also. Even less waste created by my family!

The concepts of being frugal and using things as long as possible are reducing and reusing! In an attempt to save money, my parents were also following the first two concepts of being earth-friendly. Recycling sealed up the never-ending arrow. I never thought of it being the same thing. People don’t think that by being frugal, they are saving the earth too! By not going overboard on buying consumer goods and not throwing out stuff as soon as it gets old, you’re being green in two ways. Kinda cool how it all comes together! By making my life simpler and being less materialistic, I’m also going to save some money too!

Here are some of my favorite ways to cover both bases:

Buy quality that won’t break easily
A lot of goods these days are made so cheaply that it’s easier to buy it new than to fix it once broken. How much is the true cost of buying a cheap blender that needs to be replaced yearly? If you bought one that was pricier but better quality, it would last longer and cost you less in the long run.

Don’t follow trends
The easiest way to spend all your money is to buy only trendy clothes. I’m not saying you can’t buy clothes in season, but if you buy some classic pieces you’ll save some money that way. You’ll also be earth-friendly by buying less! Trends last only a few months. I wouldn’t want to be changing out my wardrobe every few months and wasting all my money.

Borrow instead of buying
You don’t need to buy everything! If it’s something that you need only every now and then or for a short time, try borrowing or renting it! Tools are a great example. Fancy dresses are another thing you can possibly rent. I rented my wedding dress for $300 with cleaning and alterations included! It saved me a ton versus buying it. You’ll end up with less clutter and more money in your pocket.


What are your favorite ways to save money and be earth-friendly?

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    1. People who wear all black and only black definitely have it simplified of sure! You’re not to that extreme but in the middle somewhere.

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