Trying New Foods to Save Money

Use your eggs in a different way! Deviled eggs can sem complicated to make, but are tasty to eat and most people enjoy it.
Use your eggs in a different way! Deviled eggs can seem complicated to make, but are tasty to eat and most people enjoy it.

I picked up some pea sprouts the other day while grocery shopping for the week. I’ve never used pea sprouts in cooking and have probably eaten them at some point, but never intentionally ordered it to my recollection. It was on sale though, and I’m always willing to try new food! When I tasted it raw, I had my doubts about whether or not I was going to like it. It has a strong bitter taste that I wasn’t sure I liked so much. Cooking it might make the flavor a bit tamer though. Fast forward to dinner and I had found myself a new food item to include in my list of things to eat!

Being more adventurous and less picky about the foods I eat really helps me save money. I don’t have to buy only certain items, and I can go out to eat at any restaurant of any cuisine. It also makes me think of food in a different way when I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. I can use eggs in so many different ways influenced by many types of cuisines. I can hard boil it by boiling, cook it by baking, fry it, steam it into a smooth egg dish, make deviled eggs, create egg salad, and so many other different options!

Try new items that are on sale
I’m pretty open to what I buy when I go grocery shopping every single week. I usually go for what’s on sale and build my week’s menu from there. Many times I’ll run into items I’ve never used or eaten before. I just tried pea sprouts and a different type of mushroom. If I only bought certain items each week, then I would be spending a lot more money on groceries. I would be buying those items at full price 80% of the time. I might not always like the taste of the new ingredients I buy on sale, but most of the time I do!

Order something different when eating out
The great thing about being able to like almost everything I eat is that I have so many more choices! I’ll always be able to find something on the menu that I really like, but if I want to save a little money I can order something less pricey and save a bit of money. I don’t always have to order a steak or chicken; I can order something vegetarian. I’ll still be happy munching on some greens instead of a big fat steak. Well maybe not as happy, but my wallet will be a lot fatter and my arteries a lot less clogged. My options are open and it gives me a lot of flexibility to choose an item based on price rather than foods I do or don’t eat.

Rethink the way you use ordinary ingredients
Even an ordinary food item like an egg can be prepared in so many different ways! Because I have eaten a lot of different types of cuisines and seen different ways that an egg has been made, I can learn from those experiences and turn an egg into a nice dish. The eggs in my fridge are starting to get old and need to be used up actually. What shall I do with them?


Food for me is awesome because it nourishes the body and it teaches people about different cultures. I’m always looking for good food and of course how to save money on it too! Good food doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. It can be as simple as a well done omelette or your version of lasagna.

How do you save money on food?

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  1. I changed my diet to save money too. What I found was that the inner aisles of the grocery stores are full of bad for you, manufactured goods. The manufacturing process of course costs money so, staying on the outside, cold sections of the store, buying fresh and making what you love from scratch is definitely a great way to save. Thanks for the great post!
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    1. That’s a good one! Once you wander into the sections you’re kinda lost. I do tend to stay on the outer edges and just buy produce and fresh seafood and meats. YW!

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