Dreaming of a Tesla

Photo Credit: jurvetson via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: jurvetson via Compfight cc

If you don’t live in a larger city, then you might not have seen a Tesla Model S driving around yet. Since I live in Los Angeles, I’ve been able to see quite a few around the city. The car has been making headlines across the country as it represents the most innovative alternative fuel car available to consumers! It’s definitely a dream of mine to one day own a Tesla! Not only is it a step toward a better green future, but it represents so much more!

So if you haven’t heard about this new model that Tesla has rolled out, here are the quick details. All Tesla cars are entirely electric. They are a small company that has been around for years but have never been able to bring down the cost of production to offer their cars at a price people could actually buy. Just in the last year, they’ve rolled out the Tesla Model S. Starting at around $70,000 and still a luxury electric car, it’s making big waves across the country. At $70,000, it’s obviously not affordable for the average consumer still. In a few years, they’re hoping to come out with a model priced around $35,000. It’s definitely the nicest electric car around and I want it!

Pure electric
Obviously, I’m all for electric cars! There are other alternative fuel cars being tested like hydrogen, but those aren’t ready for consumers yet. No more gas and having to line up at the gas stations anymore. All you would have to do is go home and plug it in! How convenient! It’s like what you do with your cell phone each night. Technically the electricity you’re using can still come from a coal burning plant, but it’s much better than literally burning gas from your car. The lowest battery option has an estimated range of 208 miles! That’s enough to get anyone around for days.

I particularly love the Tesla Model S because it’s still a beautiful car. Hybrids and electric cars aren’t necessarily the nicest looking cars. Car manufacturers seem to sacrifice good looks, power, and luxury for better fuel consumption. The Prius v we own isn’t pretty or stylish. The Nissan leaf is cute but in no way the best looking car out there. A lot of earth-friendly car models just aren’t cars that you would drive for looks. Consumers have had to sacrifice style and power for fuel efficiency. The Tesla Model S is the car that does it all.

I feel like America has been waiting for a car company here to step it up and create something that is beautiful, innovative, and is full on American! The Tesla Model S is a step in the right direction for earth-friendliness and for greater things to come. It’ll spur on all the other car companies to try to catch up so they don’t fall behind. We’ll have better electric and hybrid cars for sure now. It’s interesting that the reason that Toyota has the best hybrids is because of GM. GM came out with the first electric car over ten years ago, yet they were so afraid of what they had created that they then took back all the cars and crushed them. It didn’t matter that people actually wanted the cars, it mattered that car companies and oil companies didn’t want to change. After the GM EV1 came out, Toyota then started creating hybrids. Sadly enough, GM might be the top car company for electric cars and hybrids now if they hadn’t done that.


In reality I might never own a Tesla Model S ever. I can buy almost 7 Corolla’s for the price of one Model S! Or three Prius cars! If they can come out with a $35,000 model in  a few years, that might change! It’s definitely my dream car to have. Whether or not I’ll ever actually go against all personal finance sense is up to me. To each their own right? Plus, I’d rather dream big than just say my dream car is a Prius.

What is your dream car?

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