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 Photo Credit: dollie_mixtures via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: dollie_mixtures via Compfight cc

Plants and Zombies 2 came out the other day and I am undeniably addicted! The first game was fun, and this one continues the same zombie craziness! The first version you had to buy the game for a whopping $0.99! What!? I don’t like paying for games and I was thinking to myself that I shouldn’t get this one. It’s less than a dollar, but buying apps do add up. My husband buys apps, but so far I’ve managed to get by with free apps only. Imagine my delight when I found out it was free to play! Yes! I can play as much as I want, but I would have to pay to advance if I wasn’t patient or skilled enough.

Games aren’t the only apps that you can get for free. There are all sorts of music players, battery saves, notes, etc. Many of the full versions have a lite version that work well enough.

Download free apps
Somehow we lived without a smartphone until a few years ago. Why do I need to pay for a bunch of apps that I had no use for before? Sure you can buy it because you have a smartphone, but you can save a lot of money by finding a comparable free version. There’s no guarantee that it would be apples-to-apples, but I’m sure you’ll get along just fine without paying for it.

All in good time
A lot of games now charge money only if you want to upgrade sooner or get to a new level. These games usually are entirely free though, if you have the patience to wait. I don’t want to give my money away just because I couldn’t wait a little bit longer. It gets frustrating at times when I can’t pass a certain point, but it’s not the end of all things!


Another way to spend all your money! It’s so easy these days! You can shop on your phone, computer, tablet, and of course in store.

Do you end up paying a lot for your apps? Or are you like me who tries to stick to the free stuff?

2 thoughts on “Skip the Paid Mobile Apps

  1. I am with you on not buying apps! A lot of them are out there for free and for the most part do you really need those apps? They will add up and before you know it you got 50 apps that you don’t really use. The price is cheap so they can get a lot of people to buy them. $0.99 times 2000 people is a nice chunk of change.
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    1. That’s where they get you. You think each one is less than a dollar…most people don’t calculate the total cost.

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