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From the Halal Guys food stand in NYC!!
From the Halal Guys food stand in NYC!!

I love love love food! It’s a pretty big part of my life to try new foods through cooking or by going to different restaurants. I eat almost everything with the exception of bitter melon and durian, two horrible things that you don’t want to know about. Eating is a big part of Chinese culture, and since I’m Chinese it’s important to me. Moving out to Los Angeles opened up the spectrum of foods I could try. There are so many restaurants and every single type of food here! A person could go out to eat for every single meal in a year and still not have been to every restaurant in this city.

To find the best restaurants to try, a lot of people use Yelp. Most people love using it to check out restaurants to make sure they are going somewhere good. Others hate it because they think the reviews are skewed or inaccurate. For the most part, the reviews are from legit people who aren’t paid to write reviews. There are reviews though that are obviously friends of the business or people who work there trying to boost the Yelp rating.

I myself love using Yelp! It’s not just for restaurants, it’s for every type of business you can imagine. I love going on there to see what people are saying. It’s amazing how many people are on it writing reviews! I decided to start writing reviews 4 years ago and am still going! I write so much in fact that I became Yelp elite after a few months! I try to be as fair as possible to give each business it’s due credit. It’s loads of fun for me to be able to write reviews! I get free food and drinks too! Sometimes they give out free tickets to concerts and events. You don’t have to be Yelp elite for that. Read on to see how.

Scoring free food and drinks and swag
As a Yelp member there are free perks! Want free food and drinks? Then get on Yelp and become an active member! When I say that, I don’t mean just signing up for an account and reading reviews. Write a few reviews yourself and send comments to other Yelp members. Yelp holds tons of free local events that you can attend. They usually have a limit on those events though, and they usually choose active members over non-active members. These events usually are held at a local business trying to promote themselves. Sometimes it’s a new business and other times it’s businesses trying to remake their image. They usually serve tons of free food and drinks and you can grab some Yelp swag! I have wristbands, sunglasses, mints, chap-stick, pens, and shot-glasses.

If you write a lot of good reviews and are active also you can try becoming a Yelp elite! This will open up your free events to elite only events also. Bigger events with more food and drinks! It’ll also get you into the big Yelp events faster than non elite members. In LA, they hold a huge party once a year. Elites usually can get in an hour earlier than everyone else. Most of the time, you’re also allowed to bring a plus one to these events. That plus one person doesn’t even need to be a part of Yelp. My husband is one lucky guy! You can nominate yourself to be elite. Another way is to get to know the local ambassador on Yelp and become friends with them. If they notice that you’re elite material, then they will nominate you.

Help local businesses
Most people tend to write only when they have something bad to say. Good businesses deserve reviews too! It’ll help that business out if you have something good to say and write a review. Plus, someone has to write those reviews you’re reading!

Save some money
Obviously, by reading reviews before you give a business your money, you’ll have a better chance of not wasting it! Plus, sometimes businesses have Yelp deals. Read the reviews and save some money before you go there.


There’s a 99% chance that you’re already using Yelp to read reviews and finding new restaurants to eat at. Ramp it up and start writing some of your own! It’s tons of fun and you’ll score some free food and drinks! Sounds like a win-win to me!

Are you a Yelper? Did you know about the free Yelp events?

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  1. you didn’t mention the other parts of yelp that can help you get free food/services. a lot of places post deals that are similar to groupon deals on their yelp page. or if you check in, you can get a free app or dessert or a free service (like at a hair salon).

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