What if…the world ran solely on energy from the sun

Photo Credit: david.nikonvscanon via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: david.nikonvscanon via Compfight cc

Creating usable energy from the sun is considered a green way to power the objects in our lives. The potential for using the sun’s rays are basically limitless! Solar panels get better and better and are already a viable option for many. Perhaps in the future it might be the way to go! The only concern with solar power is in the solar panels themselves. The manufacturing and disposal can pose problems if not properly done. They also use a lot of precious materials. Still, it’s free energy that we can us if we have a method to harness it! Compared to oil where you have to dig for it and potentially cause environmental disasters it’s a lot cleaner.

I can just see some large corporation now trying to lobby for control over the sun. Free energy? Well someone should determine how much energy each person gets! Maybe they would try to buy shares of the sun to try to make money off it. Sadly, it could happen. It’s fun to imagine the possibilities of just using the sun for energy though!

Free energy for everyone!
There are certain areas of the world where the sun doesn’t shine so much, but for most people we get sun year round! In limited forms during winter and rainy days, but still sun will shine through. All people would need to do is use solar panels for energy. Electricity companies could have large grids of solar panels to supply energy to people who don’t have access to solar panels. Products could have solar panels installed instead of batteries. A lot of products already do actually! Companies would be able to sell the converted energy, but if solar power was the only way to go a lot more people wouldn’t need to get energy from electricity companies. It could be a world where people become self-sufficient in their energy needs. There would be a lot more innovations in the technology and hopefully that would lead to cheaper solar panels!

Staving off Global Warming
If we just used the power of the sun then we wouldn’t have carbon emissions from cars and coal burning plants and airplanes! Transportation makes us the bulk of the carbon going into the air from the oil being used up. Wouldn’t it be cool to see cars with solar panels mounted in the roof? Cars running solely off solar energy could be very earth-friendly!

It’s Limitless
Oil and coal are rapidly being diminished as we use up so much of it every single day. The sun will shine on for hundreds and thousands and millions of years. One day it will turn into a black hole, but that won’t be anywhere near in our lifetimes. By then hopefully humans will still be around and will have found another planet to live on. For now there is no limit to the amount of sun light we get. Don’t need to worry about it running out!

Environmental Disasters Begone
No more oil rigs in open sea exploding and then causing an oil pipe to rupture and leak tons of oil. Killing countless wildlife and people’s livelihoods. No more controversial practices with possible side effects of creating earthquakes in places nowhere near a fault line and corrupting the groundwater. You don’t have to extract solar power by digging deep into the earth and destroying it in the process. It’s right outside your window in the day time!


As we move towards cleaner energy it’s nice to think that one day we don’t have to rely on a source that causes so much destruction. It’s still a far ways ahead, but we’re making our way towards it!

What do you think a world using only solar energy could be like?


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