Friday Blog Carnival!

Another friday! Yipee!! Happy Friday readers! Have a pretty good collection of interesting articles to share with you here. Thanks to everyone who submitted an article. Post to follow soon.

Summer road trips are one way to take a quick vacation. Here are some tips to make the most out of your money during one!
Theresa Torres presents Road Trip Time: 4 Ways to Reduce Travel Costs – Mom it Forward posted at Mom It Forward.

Reusing and reducing waste is a much better option than recycling alone. That’s why there are three arrows to the recycling symbol! Reduce, reuse, recycle. All in order of importance. Read on to see how Sophia explains this.
Sophia presents Reuse Not Recycle posted at Sophia Gubb’s Blog.

Here’s some great tips on being frugal! A lot of these seem like common sense to me.
emilynolin presents 10 Steps To Frugal Freedom | emilynolin posted at emilynolin.

And another post by Emily. A poem about change!
emilynolin presents What If… posted at emilynolin.

Need tips on how to buy a new mattress at a good price?
Jane presents 5 Ways To Save Money On A Mattress posted at

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