What if… we all drove bumper cars instead?

Photo Credit: isayx3 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: isayx3 via Compfight cc

Imagine if the streets were filled with people driving bumper cars instead of the big metal tins! Every semi-truck, SUV, Hummer — every single car as we know it off the road. Would life be more fun and less stressful? Would people have more fun driving and actually enjoy it? Maybe our commute wouldn’t be as bad. We would have a lot fewer car accidents, and drunk-driving wouldn’t really be an issue anymore. It could be really awesome! Ever watch the movie “Babes in Toyland”? They just drove around in bumper cars! Faster versions than the ones we see at the fair, but bumper cars nevertheless.

The roads could be a lot safer for everyone if we all drove bumper cars. They only go a max speed of 10 mph at most. A bit faster than a person walking, but maybe not a person biking. If you drive a smaller car, you wouldn’t have to worry about a bigger car bullying you or trying to run you over. If we could have a system where you could hop onto a track of sorts to get to longer distances, then that would be awesome. Cargo and supplies could just use that speed track too! I think there’s a lot of benefits to ditching our cars and just driving bumper cars. Every day would be like going to a carnival!

Overall more fun!
Who doesn’t have fun driving a bumper car? The whole point of it is to try to bump as many cars as possible in a few minutes. The bigger the bump, the better! I always like driving smaller cars over bigger cars because they are move maneuverable. Can you imagine what the turn radius is on a bumper car? U-turns galore! Instead of dreading a drive to work, it could become the highlight of your day zipping to work and seeing how many people you can bump. It’ll make the most dreaded part of our weekdays fun.

Make the road safer
Hit another car? No big deal because you’ll both just bounce away. I sometimes wish my car had a huge rubber bubble around it. If anyone hits me, then I just bounce off and no damage done to my car! The only thing that could be bad is if you get stuck in the middle of a pack of bumper cars. If this has ever happened to you, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. You kind of end up just bouncing back and forth between the cars, haha. You end up looking a bit like a bobble head actually. Car accidents would be a thing of the past! Maybe we wouldn’t even need to worry about car insurance anymore.

Of course, with a top speed of 10mph there’s really not a lot of damage you can do. I’m not even sure how much damage you could cause if you hit a pedestrian. Most likely they would do more damage to you by falling on top of your car. Most likely though, any pedestrians or dogs can quickly (or slowly) get out of your way wen they see you coming.

Make people more courteous
A lot of our driving problems stem from the fact that people seem to change when they get behind the wheel of their car. Things they wouldn’t do to another person face-to-face they do while in their car. Cars create huge barriers around people and it’s like you’re not dealing with other people anymore. Bumper cars don’t give you this barrier and you can see the next person a few feet away. Would people still cut others off if they would only be a few feet away from each other? I can’t help but think it would make people a lot more courteous!

No gas, all electricity
Bye bye oil companies! No longer would we have to get gas every single week and empty our wallets just to fill up. Bumper cars are all electric! I’m sure a system could be devised where you could just plug in your bumper car at home, just like electric cars now. Charging stations could also be built everywhere so you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of battery power. We would all be saving the earth. If all the gas cars were replaced with bumper cars, then carbon emissions would be drastically cut.

Bumper to bumper parallel parking allowed!
A big no-no when driving is bumper-to-bumper parallel parking. It would be entirely fine with bumper cars since you wouldn’t be dinging another poor car! Street parking would probably not be an issue much anymore since bumper cars are so small too. You could probably fit 2-3 of those in the space of one normal car.

I’m all for switching over to driving bumper cars instead! Would you be up for it too?

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      1. As an office worker i have a busy commute so driving bumper cars would be great fun, besides the fact cars should be able to bump anyway as there are so many on the roads now

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