Enjoying Happy Hour

Photo Credit: laurenlemon via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: laurenlemon via Compfight cc

Who doesn’t like happy hour? It’s got the word happy in it, so of course!!! Discounted beer and food is always a great thing. It’s great that happy hour exists and usually for more than an hour, but if you have odd working hours then it’s not so good. In a way, happy hour is the young or middle-aged person’s discount senior citizen time. Once we graduate college, we don’t get any discounts based on our age until we are considered senior citizens. Older people get discounts on meals when they go early. Happy hour is our equivalent to that! You have to be old enough to drink and of course, you won’t see a lot of senior citizens at happy hour. So yay for one of the only food and drink discounts we’re going to get for years!

There are plenty of restaurants that offer happy hour with half-off food prices and a few dollars off drinks. It’s a great way to unwind after the workday and have fun for a much lower price. We all know that a night out can really add up. Changing when you go to a bar or restaurant can help lower your costs. Of course, going out less will definitely help too. No one likes to stay home forever though.

Drink happy for less
Obviously, you’ll save some money by drinking at happy hour with discount prices instead of the normal prices later at night. You can even use happy hour as a jumping off point for more festivities later on in the evening. I’m sure some people do this. In college, we used to pre-game before going to the clubs or bars so we would have a nice buzz going on. Also, we didn’t have a lot of money in college so it was cheaper to drink at home. Now that I’m a working gal and actually have income, I guess happy hour can work. I usually go for the food actually! I’m a much bigger “fat kid” than an alcohol lover!

However you want to do it, drinks definitely add up so paying happy hour prices will be much easier on your finances. Beware of thinking that it’s so cheap that you could afford to drink more than usual. The point is to save you some money on what you would usually drink, not allow you to drink more for the same price. Happy hour also causes some people to spontaneously foot the bill for everyone else. If you have friends like that, then invite them along! Haha.

Eat an early dinner like an old person
I went to Yard House on Tuesday and did exactly this. Took advantage of their half price happy hour food and ate an early dinner. I usually gravitate towards the places that serve not just appetizers, but some entrees too. Yard House has really good happy hour food too! So yes, I ate my dinner at 5:30PM as if I was 40 years older. If my grandma lived closer by, then I guess we could eat dinner together.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this all the time of course, as eating out still costs more than cooking at home. It’s a good option though if you want to catch up with friends or are having a lazy day.

Is your favorite time of the day happy hour? Where do you usually end up going?

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